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Sunday, May 7, 2017



Team - 3:00 AM

Nowadays every human being suffers from a headache or a migraine due to work, stress or some other condition that may cause it. However there are different ways and techniques that can help you relieve the migraines by self-massaging the painful spot or even better you may look for a professional massage to help you not only treat the headache but also to help you understand why, you may be suffering from them.

techniques that relieve migranes


Neck pain is common medical condition that we often assume will go away with self-medication or a massage. Before you rush off to the hospital you can try with some techniques that can help you in relieving your discomfort. This kind of pain can stem from a number of conditions ranging from injuries, to illnesses caused by common or rare infections. Although neck strain is often not a serious condition, the pain alone can turn a day uncomfortable and unproductive. It’s often caused by poor posture or otherwise spending too much time in an uncomfortable position. You may need some extra help in order for this massage to be successful. But it can also disappear with making gentle and circular movements in the neck and shoulder areas which promote blood flow and help heal the strained neck muscles.


Regardless of which kind of headache you are suffering, there are several trigger points on your head, neck, eyes, and upper back that, when massaged, can offer you relief from your existing headache. Your movements in this area should be softer, slower and circular.


This type of pain is mainly caused by the sinuses. You can feel relief if you simply use your index finger and press on the spot above your eye and below your eyebrow, on the bone of your eye socket. You’ll know you’ve found the right spot as it will probably feel uncomfortable. There is another method you can try by applying pressure to the area above the eyebrows, on the forehead. Move your fingers around to all the spots where you feel discomfort.


If you only feel pain on the forehead, it can be reduced by using radial motion. Move your fingers from the eyebrows to the top of your forehead.

Source: loveinspireamaze

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