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Saturday, April 29, 2017


Mothers, We Are Sorry: Fathers Deal With These 6 Parenting Situations Better Than You Do!

Team - 6:58 AM

Is the saying ‘Mothers know best’ always accurate or are there situations in which mommies could learn from daddies?

Fathers agree that mothers are second to none in terms of parenting. Moreover, mothers know their children best, they know which food their children like, how to take care of them, how to clothe them, how to cure them, etc. As the ones who know their children the most, mothers often times advise fathers about parenting skills. However, is this always the case? Do mothers always know the best for their children or are there situations when fathers are more successful? Yes, there are!

These situations show precisely that:

Fathers play with children

While mothers are researching what books or what TV shows are appropriate for their children’s age, fathers are more flexible, relaxed, and choose to be part of activities in which they can also enjoy, for example, running, creating something, ball playing, etc.

Daddies do not bother with fashion details

While mothers dedicate too much time on their children’s clothing, fathers are usually more practical: does the piece of clothing warm enough for the child. The fact that the color of the sock does not match the color of the shoes or pants is not so important after all, is not it?

Fathers easily set up boundaries and rules

Mothers are frequently afraid not to become strict parents, but fathers do not have problems with saying the magical word- no. For example, fathers tell their children with ease that if they do not collect their toys, they will not watch cartoons. This may sound a bit harsh, but fathers are actually doing the right thing by setting boundaries in the relation father-child.

Fathers ask for help easier

Usually, mothers think that they need to be super moms and that they need not someone’s advice or help. However, things are different with fathers because when they are unsure what to do, they will easily, and without complexes, ask for advice without paying too much attention to what others will say.

Fathers panic less

When their child falls and injures for the first time, mothers instinctively try to do everything to help the child and treat the injury. In such situations, fathers stay calm and unconsciously teach their children that not every unpleasant situation requires hysterical behavior.

Fathers are not burdened by perfectionism

Regardless of what it is, breastfeeding, bathing, or feeding, mothers are worried whether they are doing it right. On the other hand, fathers are ready to face challenges without too much calculation.

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