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Wednesday, March 1, 2017

10 Days Without Fish And Meat: Try This Detox Based On Vegetables, Fruits And Grains For Improving Your Health (MENU)

Team - 3:00 AM

During this “green diet” you can eat fruit, vegetables, cereals and potatoes, as well as smaller amounts of low-fat cheese and milk. In this diet legumes such as beans, lentils, peas, green beans, and also all kinds of meat and eggs are prohibited.

Your day needs to begin with freshly squeezed juice with no sugar. For the breakfast you can eat separate fruits or you can eat fruit salad. You can also consume the fruit salad as a snack. During the morning, it is recommended that the only food that enters the body is fruit even after consuming your breakfast. It is also very important for you to know that you should wait at least half an hour before meals or snacks.

Later, during the rest of the day you can consume a variety of whole grains such as barley, buckwheat and corn. Cereals and potatoes are the most important energy sources during the diet, and should be eaten as a main meal. The potatoes are always eaten cooked, and it is advisable to be prepared as a salad, or as a stew.

Your lunch or your main meal should always start with fresh vegetables, and a plate of cooked brown rice or potatoes should always be an inevitable part of your main meal. Along with your lunch you can eat all the vegetables that you want, cooked or stewed.

For dinner prepare a fresh salad of various vegetables. The selection of vegetables with regard to the day or meal isn’t strictly defined.

Don’t mix m ilk and fermented dairy products (yogurt, yogurt, kefir) with any other food. You can sometimes supplement your meal with fresh cheese or any other type of low-fat cheese in combination with vegetables, usually in the form of a salad.

The green diet is primarily intended for detoxing the body, which leads to the loss of excess weight. It’s rich in dietary fiber, which stimulate this process, regulates digestion and helps lower high cholesterol.

Also, the green diet provides the body with a multitude of vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals (anthocyanins from berries, beta-carotene from orange fruits and vegetables, and phenol resveratrol from grapes). However, there is no adequate protein intake, even those of vegetable origin.Iron deficiency can also be a problem, so you shouldn’t follow this diet for more than 10 days.

Sample Menu 1

Before breakfast: A glass of freshly squeezed fruit juice.

Breakfast: Fruit salad with half a teaspoon of honey.

Lunch: A glass of tomato juice, a thick carrot soup with pieces of zucchini and integral rice, a piece of toast, coleslaw.

Snack: Yogurt.

Dinner: A glass of carrot juice, a salad.

Sample Menu 2

Before breakfast: A glass of freshly squeezed fruit juice.

Breakfast: A slice of bread with a cottage cheese (100 g) spread, add salt and half the waist of chopped fresh leeks. Eat a slice of pineapple and one kiwi.

Lunch: Spinach soup. Wash 250 g of spinach and 150 g of potatoes and slice them into small pieces. Add the vegetables and cook over low heat 15 to 20 minutes. Finally, add a teaspoon of sesame seeds.

Snack: Fruit yogurt.

Dinner: Seasonal fruit.

Sample Menu 3

Before breakfast: A glass of freshly squeezed fruit juice.

Breakfast: Corn bread made from corn flour.

Lunch: Gnocchi with cheese and broccoli: 250 g broccoli and 125 gof clean carrots, cut them into small pieces and cook them in 150 ml of vegetable soup. Finally, add 40 g of cooked noodles, a teaspoon of olive oil and Parmesan cheese if desired.

Snack: A cup of melon.

Dinner: Cooked carrot salad, mushrooms, peppers, garlic and parsley.

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