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Tuesday, January 24, 2017


Do you want financial abundance and prosperity? Keep your house clean!

Joy Sandra - 3:00 AM

Maybe some of you will laugh or others will take me seroiously…

Many years ago, when no one was writing or talking about Feng Shui, music or plants, I have lived several experiences about which I never talked.

I think that the objects that surround us have their own life.

keep your house clean so you can have abundance and prosperity

No, I am not telling that they have a life like ours, but a vibration, a molecular connexion established with us.

Why am I saying this? Because I have seen these things before. I had a few plants in my house, including a plant named Cyperus. People of my age know it. One could multiply it if puts the leaves in water and leaves the strain into the air.

The other plants did not need so much attention, but with Cyperus was different. If only one day passed and I did not talk with it, she would have died in only 3 days. I took another Cyperus and raise it in the same way as the first one. I was talking daily with it and one day I stopped talking. What do you think it happened? It died in 3 days…
Another example would be my first computer. When my husband or my child tried to work at it, just did not want to function. It took several swearing, I must confess… You won’t believe… when I was opening it, everything was working perfectly…even Corel. Maybe because I was treating it as a child.

I am telling you these things because I want you to understand that everything that is around us has its own life.

Now I will teach you how to bring prosperity and financial abundance in your life!

Fix any leaks.

Water: in Feng Shui it represents money and emotions.

In both cases, it is about movement. If you do not want your money to drip through your fingers, fix the house sinks, do not let water drip into your house. When you fix something in your home, you also fix something in your life. If you do not do this, do not expect to have a good life!

Put the toilet sit cover after using it.

When flushing the toilet, you lose energy. If you put the toilet sit after using it, you protect the Chi. Do not drawn your money in water. A good idea would be to tie red ribbons by the pipe behind the toilet to protect your money.

Keep your house entrance clean and tidy.

This is a very important fact in Feng Shui and does not consist only in the entrance of your house, but in the entire house as well. The more harmonious and attractive, from all points of view, your house will be, the more opportunities you are going to attract. Make sure you have a functional bell at your door, have placed flowers at the entrance. The number of the house or apartment should also be visible.

Keep your cooker clean.

Feng shui explains us the importance of having a clean cooker, because the burners are open channels to opportunities.

Raise your own energy

After you have done everything above, try to work with your mentality as well !

Try to manage your money with calm and stop crinkle them in your pocket.

Do not get mad because you have to pay invoices!

Maintain your vibrations high and if you offer and spend with gratitude the abundance will soon be by your side.

Wrriten by Isabela V

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