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Monday, January 23, 2017


9 mistakes to avoid when we are 40

Joy Sandra - 3:00 AM

"There is no manual to learn how to be refined. This is the result of a long time development” - Olga Tudor "Book of the women over 40"

Refinement means being simple after a long way of effort and complications. It can be found in the way we arrange our living room or our kitchen, in the way we wear our evening dress, the type of flowers in the vase, etc.

It is simple and complicated at the same time, but absolutely necessary, for the over 40 women.

Now let’s find out what would be the top 8 mistakes that you should avoid, in order not to become embarrassing at a certain age:

1. The mess

Clothing and accessories bought without a need, without thinking if they match with what we have in our wardrobe.

2. The Sunday elegancy

On Sunday, we have the day off, so we use to dress as after a fashion journal, and during the week we think that there is no need to bother about the cloths that we wear at work.

3. The lack of importance…

… that we give to our clothing is not excused by the fact that we are superior beings, perfect in terms of professional development, admirable mothers and wives. If we consider frivolous the clothing details, certainly those around us would be happy not to neglect this little "detail".

4. The dressing gown

…the one that we wear at work, or in which we stay over 8 hours a day, can be too small or too big, but we just don’t care, right?

A dressing gown on your size that fits you and makes you look pretty will give you more energy and more self-confidence.

5. What about at home?

We hate the classic dressing gown just because all our family members see us dress like this all the time.

6. But in the kitchen?

You can find elegant dressing gowns for every housewife. If your hair smells like lavender it’s better than smelling like fried onion.

7. The Negligence…

…has its own charm at 20, but not at 40.

8. 40 and childish

Even if we think that we look great and we have a 20th body, it is not the case to dress as if you are 20 years old, when you are 40. Please, there cannot be anything more embarrassing than this.

9. We have an overdeveloped critical spirit…

…or we give up too easy, because we think that we are old enough to dress up with elegance.
If we dress like a granny, we will look like one.

Fashion needs to be adapted to our body, personality and age.

Thank you Olga Tudori, for your remarkable advices.

Written by Isabela V

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