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Tuesday, December 6, 2016


Team - 3:07 AM

Mudra is a special position your fingers and hands, which are used to establish the inner balance and healing. The word mudra is translated from Sanskrit as a gift of joy (mud – joy and ra – a gift). Mudra in the Sanskrit also means ‘joint’ and ‘flow’, by which is meant the free flow of energy needed for internal balance and health. Talking about mudras we are actually talking about a series of symbols or positions which serve to restore the body’s energy, and achieve optimal health.

It is found in various religious practices such as Buddhism and Hinduism, as well as countries with a rich cultural tradition, such as India, Japan, China, Tibet and Indonesia, and in the Egyptian culture and in Christianity.


We can consider mudras as the silent language – gestures aimed to enable the free flow of energy through the body’s energy channels. During the execution of a certain wise, the brain via nerve endings receives a unified message in the finger and then act in accordance with it. In this way the body communicates with the mind in order to establish a natural balance. For this reason, the mudras are attributed a number of therapeutic and healing properties.

With the help of this method we can strengthen immunity, improve mood, provide a good night’s sleep, compensate for the lost energy, boost concentration, effectively get rid of physical or psychological pain, but much more than that. In fact, the performance of certain gestures can greatly help in healing many diseases.


Numerous testimonials on beneficial effects on health wise are often attributed to the placebo effect, but this is not true.

One of the researchs on the brain, whose results were published in November 2009 in the Journal of the American Academy of Sciences, showed that during the performance of certain mudras trigger certain centers in the brain.

Accordingly, many skeptics who have tried this system while they did not believe in its effectiveness, eventually were convinced in the opposite.

Except for injuries and illnesses that require surgery, mudras can treat most of the known diseases.


You can do mudra while sitting, standing or lying down, anywhere and whenever circumstances allow you to, for example, even while watching television, and even in society, on the beach or during a walk. Lying position is particularly advantageous for people who cannot get out of bed because of illness or after surgery.

However, relaxation in peace and quiet in itself contributes greatly to the recovery and healing, so whenever you can, sit in a comfortable position, or seize a position of meditation, and select a wise perform with your hands resting on your thighs.

No need to press hard on the fingers – a light touch will be quite enough. Do the mudra with both hands simultaneously. Depending on the ailments or disease, in this position spend from 3 to 45 minutes. When performing mudras it is advisable to rely on inner feeling.

Sometimes it will be enough only a few minutes to feel improvement, sometimes you have to be persistent. In general, as well as with any other therapy, it is easier and transient symptoms requiring short daily treatment, in contrast to the more severe disorders and diseases, which are necessary to be treated on a daily basis in the overall duration of 45 minutes.

Depending on the problems, improvement or healing will occur within a week to a month. The best results are obtained by performing a one-time 45 minutes, but unless you have the time or the patience, you can do the mudra for 5, 10 or 15 minutes, several times a day, up to a total duration of 45 minutes.

If you want, you can work harder and longer, which will accelerate the result, unless it is indicated in the instructions to carry out a maximum of 45 minutes per day. If desired or necessary, during the day, you can perform several different mudras.

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