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Sunday, November 13, 2016


THIS MAN REALLY SHOOK THE WORLD: Cancer Can Be Cured In Less Than 3 Minutes (VIDEO)

Team - 3:03 AM

This fascinating theory has been presented for years by the American author Gregg Braden, famous for his cancer-treatment theories.

Namely, he states that our emotions affect our DNA and that the collective power of thoughts, as suggestion or prayer, can cure us of any kind of physical disease.

Cancer Cells

Cancer effect stops by intent and awareness of the existent synergy between our thoughts and manifestations in the physical world, and there’s a field that connects everything.

The essential field he mentions is scientifically proven and explained in “Nature” n.332, the leading science journal in 1996.

Control over thoughts and emotions

Our emotions and thoughts form electromagnetic field, whose waves reach 1 meter of our body.

Even Nikola Tesla said that one day people will produce electric power with the help of the strength of their own thoughts, which means our thoughts are exceptionally powerful energy.

However, we speak about focused and strong thoughts as oppose to scattered thoughts of everything we see or feel. Collective thoughts can form an exceptionally powerful electromagnetic field and affect the environment.

Once this technique is developed, it’s no longer a fiction but a technology upon which the treatment is based.

This was proven by a video recorded in a Chinese hospital which shows curing of cancer of 3×2.5 cm size in less than 3 minutes, following the entire process on ultrasound on a screen.

In order to create powerful electromagnetic radiation, you have to learn to control your emotions and feelings, and to enhance them with exercises.

Feelings change DNA

Our feelings and emotions are actually mirrors. Everything we create within ourselves is radiated in the surrounding environment and we get exactly what’s inside us.

If we say for example: “One day I’ll be happy, or I’ll be healed, or I’ll get a good job, and so on…” the mirror tells us that won’t happen ever, or in near future.

However, if we speak and feel that we are changing ourselves in this very moment, as if that has already happened, a change in our DNA will happen and thus we will change as well.

Science has stated for years that our faith and emotions has nothing to do with our life and illnesses, but psycho-oncology states the opposite.

It is exactly our thoughts, emotions, feelings, and faith that control everything that happens within us and in our life in general.

Remember that emotions change DNA!

Take a look at Gregg Braden’s presentation in this video!

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