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Wednesday, November 16, 2016


This is the way you can find out that the rice you are eating contains plastic. All the chefs must know this....

Christian Jacob - 5:00 AM

China remains the world's largest producer of rice. The Middle Kingdom harvests over 200 million tons per year and a large share of it gets exported all over the world.

But cooks and diners alike should take care: not only are untold amounts of pesticides used in Chinese agriculture, but according to a report in The Korea Times rice is also now being manufactured artificially.

Potato starch gets mixed with plastic (synthetic resin, for instance) and then formed into rice-shaped kernels. Finally the grains are steamed with a typical rice aroma. Doctors have emphatically warned against consuming the artificial product: three full portions apparently contain as much plastic as there is in a little plastic bag.

That's alarming!

With these simple tricks you can test whether your rice is wholesome and plastic-free:

The Water Test

Pour a tablespoon of uncooked rice into a glass with cold water. If the rice all sinks to the bottom of the glass, it's fine. If the grains float up to the surface, be careful!

The Fire Test

Try setting a little bit of your rice on fire with a match or lighter. If it starts burning right away and smells like burning plastic, then you know what to do! (Do not eat it!)

The Mortar and Pestle Test

When you crush a few grains of rice with a mortar and pestle they should be reduced to a fine, white, starchy powder. But with artificial rice, you will see a light yellow discoloration instead.

The Mold Test

If you want to know for sure whether your cooked rice is quite safe, put a small quantity of cooked rice into an airtight container and leave it in a warm place. Within a couple of days it will have gotten moldy. Only fake rice stays mold-free....

This is how to be on the safe side. Show these tricks to your rice-eating friends and that way no one will have to eat plastic for dinner!

Source: hefty

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  1. can you believe they would fake rice..

    1. They do, you can find actual production of it on the Internet!

  2. Sorry but this is bogus click bait. Occasionally grains of rice get air trapped in them, that's why they float. It's not because they're made from plastic! The vast majority of rice we eat in the USA is grown in California. California rice, like California wine, is some of the best in the world. In Japan during the winter, they char-grilled rice cakes, and the smoke has a plastic-like odor... That's normal. LBNL, Asian cultures take their rice very seriously. Diluting or mixing anything to rice with the intention to deceive is akin counterfeiting and horse thievery combined. I'm sure it has happened, but it's nowhere near what's portrayed in this clip.

    1. I agree i find this bogus as well. just like the other 10000 articles that is trying to point fingers at China as being evil. Usually these people who wrote the article doesn't know what they are talking about. You know how Americans are, really really dumb but thinks they are smart lol. I am sorry but they cant even compete in their own school system and then says theres something wrong with the school system, but really they are getting their ass kicked in their own school system by foreign people who took education and career seriously.

  3. China will kill their own people, you think they care about the West or Africa?? They only care till we repay their debt to them

    1. And you think America isn't killing their own people? lol You really think the Government really cares about the average American going homeless and having no money left because they spend it all on rent? lol I love how Muricans always talk about other country corruptions like they know their culture or their country, but they really don't. Worse they don't even realize their own people are being fucked over by their own government until it is too late.