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Friday, November 25, 2016

Seven Worst Habits After Eating

Team - 3:03 AM

Changing the habits you already have can be a difficult thing to do. But think about that some of the habits we have, are not good for our health and well – being. Statistically, there are seven worst habits after eating. How many of these seven worst habits after eating you have?

Read the seven worst habits after eating and start eliminating them if you want to have a long life and to maintain your health condition as well. Eliminating these seven worst habits after eating will make your body slimmer.

These are the seven worst habits after eating:

1. Smoking a cigarette after a meal – There is simply not a smoker in the world that doesn’t smoke a cigarette after a meal. They say it’s the best thing to do. However, experts say that smoking a cigarette after a meal can be extremely dangerous. Smoking a cigarette after a meal is equal as smoking 10 cigarettes at the same time because our digestive system works and it transfers the smoke through our entire body!

2. Eating fruit after a meal – Fruit can be digested really quickly, but if you eat fruit after a meal it will remain in the stomach and it will start to decay causing stomachaches, gasses, and toxins which lead to a formation of cellulite. If you want to eat fruits, eat them on empty stomach some time before you eat your meal. That’s best for you!

3. Drinking tea after a meal – Many people consume tea after a meal not knowing that this is a bad habit. The caffeine which is a main component of the tea slows down the digestion process causing the food to remain as it is. This can be really bad for anemic people. Anemic people should avoid drinking tea for at least an hour after their meal.

4. Swimming after a meal – How many times has your mom, or grandmother told you not to swim after a meal. Well they couldn’t be more right about this. Experts also say that swimming after a meal is far from a good thing to do. Water has been known to improve blood flow, but after eating our blood goes to the stomach where the digestion happens.

5. Doing waist exercises after a meal – Doing waist exercises after a meal can cause intestine entanglement and digestion delaying. Believe it or not, doing waist exercises after a meal can lead to gaining weight. This reason should be enough not to do it again.

6. Doing any activity after eating – Doing any activities after a meal is not a good idea. When doing physical activities they block our digestive system from absorbing the nutrients from the meal. You can take a slow walk without any efforts.

7. Sleeping after eating – Another bad habit that a lot of people have, although to be honest everyone wants to take a nap after a meal. This is not recommended because of the lying position because it slows down the digestion process and may cause stomach gasses. It can also lead to other stomach problems.

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