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Thursday, October 27, 2016

Rid Your Life Of Negative Energy With These Healing Crystal Pairings

Team - 3:02 AM

We love costumes, candy, and pumpkin-carving as much as ever. But we also know there’s a whole other side to Halloween—a world of spiritual significance to tap into. So, leading up to October 31, we’re sharing content aimed to help you connect with your transcendent potential and more effectively create the life you want, from the inside out. In other words, to manifest magic.

Today, we’re looking into how to use crystals to tackle any lingering negativity in your life.

Haunted by the stench of negativity, creeped out by gloomy nights, or just looking to surround yourself with some cool, calm, collected energy? Well, you can save yourself the smudge stick, silence your singing bowls, and put aside your garlic for dinnertime. Crystals are all you really need to keep the demons in your life at bay.

Carry them around with you, keep a few in your home, or hold them during meditation as powerful reminders of your intention to live a life full of positivity and peace.

Here are a few "crystal cocktails" that are perfect for transcending those spooky Halloween vibes:

1. Crystals for protection

Conscious of not being followed by any haunting or harmful energies? Protective stones vary in color but red, orange, and yellow ones tend to be effective at warding off bad energies. Romans used amber stones for protection in ancient times, and ruby jewelry has always been thought to carry positivity and strength. Other red and yellow stones like red jasper, ruby, yellow jasper, and citrine can be used in a crystal cocktail to help provide a protective shield.

2. Crystals for bad vibes

Got a case of the Grinch and need to cast some serious good-vibe spells? Crystals that are black in nature can pull the darkness out of your life and help keep the space around you clear, bright, and beautiful. Try carrying around some black onyx for bad-vibe protection, clear quartz for cleansing, and black tourmaline for turning negative energy around.

3. Crystals for warding off ghosts

All right, you have a full-scale Ghostbusters situation on your hands. Who you gonna call? My crystals! Joking aside, these crystals are all you need to wear or keep in your home to help put your goose bumps to rest: clear quartz, agate, garnet, turquoise, and even mugglestone, which reflects evil and protects against spells. Talk about woo-woo voodoo!

4. Crystals for nightmares

Freddy Krueger got the better of you? We've all had that blankets-up-to-our-ears, wide-eyed, post-horror-movie bedtime experience, so if you need to shift your dreams toward rainbows and butterflies, tuck a few crystals under your pillow. Chrysoprase, amethyst, citrine, and hematite all invite a peaceful night's rest, calming the mind and balancing out bedroom energy. Wave goodbye to the bad guys cameoing in those dreams of yours!

Source: mindbodygreen

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