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Saturday, October 1, 2016

15 Etiquette Rules That Everyone Should Know

Team - 3:37 AM

In everything we do there is a proper way to do it. It could be anything from the way you sit, walk, stand, talk, smile and greet people.

Etiquette is hinged on your behaviour and manners, you exhibit good etiquette when you adhere to the standards expected by society with regards to various aspects of behaviour and manners.

Here are 15 etiquettes that you can adopt today to avoid being a social misfit

1. It is good behaviour to say hello to friends of your friend if you happen to come across them while walking together.

2. If you are in a meeting you should avoid leaving your gadgets like a smartphone or a tablet on the table as it simply indicates to the other party that you are not interested in the meeting. It is even worse if you fiddle with your gadgets while in a meeting, it would mean that you are bored with the meeting.

3. If you are a man in a restaurant and you order for sushi, don’t be afraid to use your hands if you can’t make use of chopsticks.

4. Women don’t like it when you take them out on a date and you spend more time fiddling with your gadgets.

5. Always show your appreciation to someone that has helped you.

6. Don’t ever carry the bag of a woman if you are a man but you may take their coat and help them hang it on a hanger in a cloakroom.

7. Always met your friends face to face to chat or have a trivial discussion rather than doing so on the phone.

8. Try as much as possible not to talk or laugh aloud, also avoid staring at people it’s very rude.

9. If you are driving on a rainy day be cautious not to splash water on pedestrians.

10. If you love watching movies in the cinema, you should look at the people seated while you go to your seat.

11. Apologise when you offend someone and make sure you don’t repeat the offence again.

12. A real man will respect women, make sure you don’t disrespect women whether in public or in private.

13. Make sure you are discrete with these nine information:
  • Information on your wealth
  • Information on gifts given to you or gifts you have given out
  • Information on your private affairs
  • Information on your age
  • Information on your state of health
  • Information about your religious beliefs
  • Information on any family squabbles
  • Information about your honour and integrity
  • And information on any disgraceful incidence you have experienced
14. Do not be a trend starter with regards to fashion, allow others start the trend and join the band wagon or you might look silly.

15. Whenever you walk into a room try to greet whoever is in the room and do not discriminate.

It is important to adhere to these 15 etiquette rules and you will have more admirers than you can imagine as you become more sociable and appealing to be with.

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