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Monday, September 12, 2016


The World’s Biggest Bottled Water Brand Admits: It’s Just Tap Water

Joy Sandra - 3:30 AM

The largest botled water brand in the world, Aqualina, has finally admitted that the water they sell is exactly the same as the tap water.

Under the pressure from Accountability International, they have changed their labels to specify P.W.S. — Public Water Source. Despite the fact that this water is purified and filtered, it is basically the same water from the bathroom sink and the toilet bowl.

In an interview with , Nick Colas, the ConvergEx Group chief market strategist said that:

“The [bottled water] industry grossed a total of $11.8 billion on those 9.7 billion gallons in 2012, making bottled water about $1.22/gallon nationwide and 300x the cost of a gallon of tap water,” Colas says. “If we take into account the fact that almost 2/3 of all bottled water sales are single 16.9oz (500 mL) bottles, though, this cost is much, much higher: about $7.50 per gallon, according to the American Water Works Association. That’s almost 2,000x the cost of a gallon of tap water and twice the cost of a gallon of regular gasoline.”

The trade group Beverage Marketing Association states that around half of all the bottled water sold in America is in fact purified tap water. What’s more, most municipal tap water meets more purity standards than bottled water. For instance, large public water supplied are asked by the EPA to test the water for contaminants several times daily, while the FDA demands that the private bottles are tested for contaminants only once a year, or once in 4 years.

Also, you should know that the labels ”mountain water” and “glacier water” do not mean anything, as they are not FDA standard phrases.

Furthermore, you can benefit a lot from filetering your water at home. You can use an efficient water filter which will purify the water, such as the Berkey water filter system.

In this way, you will no longer need to buy bottled water, you will save a lot of money, and you will be sure that you are drinking healthy and filtered water.


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