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Tuesday, August 2, 2016


Team - 3:03 AM

We all have a roll of aluminum foil somewhere in our kitchen drawers or cabinets, but we never think to use it on our body! Instead of whipping out the foil for just cooking, trying using it for any of these incredible health solutions. From kicking the common cold to the curb, to battling insomnia, this magical material is perfect for a ton of troublesome, everyday issues!

Blast Fatigue Right Now

Using aluminum foil to get rid of fatigue is an age-old tradition recognized by experts all over the world! To use thing in your own life, Consumer Health Digest suggests that you start by placing several aluminum foil strips in the freezer for for 2-4 hours. Then you should apply the strips to your face (specifically your cheeks or eyelids) and leave them in place until you feel the muscle totally relax! Once you take off the aluminum foil, you’ll notice that the symptoms of fatigue and insomnia are gone for good.

Soothe Painful Joints

Aluminum foil is great for treating painful conditions like arthritis, gout, sciatica and heel pain! To get the most out of this method, begin by wrapping the foil around the most painful area on your body and use a medical bandage to keep it nice and secure. Leave the wrap in place overnight (or while lounging around during the day). Repeat this for 10-12 days, then give your body a two-week break. If the pain persists, repeat the treat and break routine until it disappears!

Alleviate Fresh Burns

It’s a little-known fact that elements in aluminum foil can help soothe burns better than many other methods. The University of Wisconsin even advises their trauma doctors to dress fresh burns with aluminum foil! To heal your burn wounds start by washing it with cold water and drying it with a soft cloth. Then apply a thin layer of burn ointment, followed by sterile gauze. After that, wrap the gauze with aluminum foil and secure it with medical bandage. Keep the wrap in place until you notice the pain leaving the area!

Phantom Pains, Be Gone

If you’ve recently undergone an amputation surgery or are experience phantom pains that you just can’t explain, aluminum foil may be the answer to your prayers! You can help banish these painful bouts by wrapping some aluminum foil around the affected limb. Keep it in place with a medical bandage and as soon as you notice the pain is gone, you can remove the foil!

Get Rid Of A Pesky Cold

With cold and flu season right around the corner, it’s important to know how to treat the symptoms without turning to antibiotics! You can use aluminum foil to do this by wrapping your feet in 5-7 layers, leaving it on for an hour or so and removing it. Let your feet breathe for two hours and then repeat the process with another 5-7 layers of foil. Give your feet another two-hour breather and repeat the process one more time! Do this for seven days, or until you feel back to good health.

Learn how to use aluminum foil to create gorgeous curls here!Everyone Can Do These

Nearly every home in America has aluminum foil in it somewhere, so why not try to use it for something besides cooking? Once you’ve mastered these tricks, be sure to pass them along to your friends and loved ones

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  1. This is a bunch of BULLSHIT!
    Who makes this shit up??!!!
    Where is the research behind this garbage???

  2. Aluminum is good for the body? That is a little precarious since its been known to cause multiple degenerative diseases.

  3. Aluminum is good for the body? That is a little precarious since its been known to cause multiple degenerative diseases.

  4. It's time to wise up, and realize that any form of aluminum contact with the body is not good. That includes aluminum foil - the treatments you are suggesting, and also cooking utensils, containers, many medicines, foods, and air contamination via climate engineering/geoengineering. Aluminum toxicity is a causal factor in Alzheimer's, dementia, ALS, autism, etc...
    Here is a short presentation given by Dr. Russell Blaylock (retired neurosurgeon) ~

  5. This all- natural health tips Twitter feed used to be a fave, but not after that last tweet about aluminum being a cure all. That is the biggest load of horse sh** I have ever heard. First of all, aluminum foil is horrible for the landfill because it never breaks down. Secondly, aluminum is toxic to the brain and can be found in baking powder and anti perpirants/deodorants. It is also believed that those unexplained white chem trails in the skies is in fact aluminum being sprayed on the population to contaminate the soil, water supply, crops and lifestock. We also aren't being told the truth about the toxic dangers of mercury and monofluorophosphate (fluoride) being added to our water.