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Sunday, August 21, 2016


Team - 3:03 AM

This is unbelievable! Baked and boiled onions can treat the following diseases!

Boiled Onions

This can treat tough headaches, coughs and fever as well as a host of other diseases. Onions has features prominently on our dishes over the past many years, either as crude or in combination with mixed greens. Now, onion has been proven to help treat diverse therapeutic conditions.

Onion Covering

When you have migraines, or a swollen, icy, and painful ear(s), hacked onions should be put as blankets on the painful spots.

When you have a fever, you can slash some onions and line them on your feet.

For draining nose, Hack some onions and line them on your neck.

If you ever get wounded or bitten by a wild creature, slice some onions and put them over the injury.

When ulcers occur on or under the skin, you can grind some onions, blend with a little olive oil and apply the mixture on ulcer. Hold it in place for an hour or two for it to work.

Onion Juice

Squeeze out the onion juice gently after cleaving it.

If you suffer from pneumonia or similar ailments, add one tablespoon of nectar to the juice and blend together, dosage should be 2 or 3 times daily.

To grow more hair on your balding head, kneading your head with squeezed onions would help. Do this once or twice every day.

To cleanup parasites that may plague your digestive system, use onion juice diluted with a little water.

If you have skin ailments, try rubbing onion juice on your skin once or twice every day.

If you have carminative stomach, you should take onion juice mixed equally with liquor.

Boiled Onions:

In case you notice that you pee too frequently or you have ulcer, hack an onion and blend with water (2dl). Add a spoonful of nectar then heat it up with a small amount of rosemary. You should have wine (2dl) and water (2bl) blended properly to mix. Dosage should be just a spoonful every day.

Prepared Onions

People who have wounds or ulcers should first wash their sore spot(s), and place and onion on the spot(s). The onion should be precooked in fat.

Blood coagulation can also be treated with regular intake of onion with olive oil singed with it. Make this with a single onion and take it towards the end of the day.

If your ear hurts or you have an ear disease, place a hot broiled onion over the ear and keep it there for a while.

Tumors can also be treated with broiled onions’ leaves placed on the surface of the skin.

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