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Thursday, July 7, 2016

3-Step Tricks to Activate Your Fat Burning Hormones and Lose Weight Fast

Team - 3:07 AM

Your body’s urge to hold on to its fat is the most discouraging factor in your endeavor to shed weight. The moment your body is deprived of supplements or calories, it holds on to the fat. However, you can counter this and start your fat burning while controlling fat storage in the body. Testosterone is the main hormone that burns fat.

Insulin, cortisol and estrogen store fat. Estrogen is also the female sex hormone and retains on to fat, especially during pregnancy. If you are always angry, battling with tight schedules, or trying to juggle different things, then cortisol, the anxiety hormone is making your body cling to fat.

Follows these three steps to loose fat and keep it away.


Excess estrogen is due to testosterone but do not use fake supplements like testosterone medications and injections. You can boost levels by weight training and continuous exercise. This means that ladies should try to lift heavier weights, boost muscle mass and do more cardio training. These activities will help in fat burning.


If your body becomes resistant to insulin, you may notice your fat storage also increases. To prevent this, consume more sugar. This is simple to do because there are a lot of sugary nourishments and beverages in the American diet. However, try to control sugar and balance your diet.


The final stage is reducing the production of cortisol. Even after the first two stages you might still have fat. Keep in mind that cortisol is produced due to mental, physical and anxiety. This implies that you need to address these issues first.

You may need to engage on relaxation activities like yoga and meditation, these will help in relaxing your mind while at the same time minimizing the physical side effects of nervousness that boost cortisol production.

If the fat doesn’t go way, you might be sick. Hormones play a big role in fat burning, by following these steps you can boost your body’s capacity to burn fat.

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