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Thursday, June 30, 2016

Make Oil From Cinnamon And Use All Its Beneficial Health Advantages

Team - 3:01 AM

After this your oil will be ready for use. The number of sticks should be determined arbitrarily. Tree of cinnamon is herb that comes from Asia and is most common in India, Sri Lanka, Brazil and Madagascar. As a spice and medicine it is used since times of ancient Egypt.

In Europe, the greatest demand for cinnamon happens in middle age when it becomes primary product of trade between the Middle East and Europe. Its exotic taste won the whole world but over time, after finding, on first place its medicinal properties came.

Today we can say that this is ideal combination of great spice and natural medicine. In our country many people have not heard about oil of cinnamon. There are two types of cinnamon oil.

The first type is essential oil with high strength which is made from leaves and bark of the plant with very complex process.

The second is extracted cinnamon oil that be done by yourself.

You need:
  • Several cinnamon sticks
  • Pure refined olive oil
Place the cinnamon sticks in glass jar. Pour them with pure refined olive oil so they will be completely covered with it. Seal the jar well and leave it at a room temperature for 3 weeks.

Every day shake the jar. After three weeks, strain the oil through gauze and place it into dark glass jar in which for best there should be 5- 6 sticks placed in half a liter of oil. The higher the number of cinnamon sticks is the better.

If you cannot find sticks of cinnamon you can use powder from cinnamon in ratio of 1:5 in relation to oil (100grams of cinnamon powder in half a liter of oil). But, we still recommend the use of sticks because the in the process of grinding the sticks loose many medicinal properties.

The oil will have great aroma and flavor. The combination of this medicinal and healthy olive oil with the useful and healing ingredients of cinnamon makes a true elixir of health for external and internal use.

Oil of cinnamon is strong antioxidant which prevents damage and protects the cells from free radicals that cause the most serious diseases and age the organism.

You can use the oil on whatever way you want to. You can add it over finished meals, in salads or cakes; all depends on your taste. But, we do not recommend usage on long terms. Still, for the best, use 1- 2 teaspoons of this oil in the morning and evening. The oil can be used for external use, by rubbing the painful, inflamed or affected places. This oil has antiseptic, antibiotic and analgesic properties. It is also considered as aphrodisiac.

According to study from University of Wheeling Jesuit, USA the use of cinnamon oil is an excellent tonic for the brain which prevents tension, irritability and memory loss. It significantly can boost the brain activity.

This oil is excellent purifier of blood from all the impurities and reduces the appearance of acnes. Cinnamon oil improves blood circulation and prevents the formation of cloths and its regular consumption will improve and boost your metabolic activity, will reduce your blood pressure and prevent s the possibility of stroke and heart attack.

If you use it regularly, cinnamon oil will improve the sugar inside the blood and will control it in diabetics. It will quickly normalize the blood sugar.

Researchers from the American Human Nutrition Center proved that ingredients which are present in cinnamon have positive effect on the human health especially to those who are diabetics.

Cinnamon oil has a positive effect on the destruction of bacteria in the urinary tract, especially in the gallbladder. Besides it effect on destroying the bacteria and reducing the fungus it is used as cure for Candida.

One research declared that regular use of this oil positively acts on the work of colon and prevents colon cancer. The long experience of using cinnamon and oil of cinnamon in the internal diet showed significant improvement in digestion and reduced the incidence of gas and bloating.

For all the problems and infections in your mouth, around tooth tissue, sores in the mouth and fungi on the tongue you need to take a tablespoon of cinnamon oil. Rinse the oil for few minutes so it can reach all up and down parts of mouth. After few rinses, spit it.

Anti- inflammatory properties of this oil help with problems with arthritis. It takes small amount of oil to rub on the painful spot. The process should be repeated in the morning and evening until the pain stops. The same applies to problems with inflammation of the muscles.

It is well known fact that cinnamon oil is used as a good natural remedy for colds and flu and sore throats. This combination is a great diuretic that will facilitate and accelerate the excretion of fluids from the body. And as last but not least, for many men and women the cinnamon oil acts as an excellent aphrodisiac that boosts libido.

The list of health benefits that come out of cinnamon or from the cinnamon oil do not end here on this list and it can be said that cinnamon or cinnamon oil is useful for your complete health.

During the trades that took place between Europe and the Orient, cinnamon was more valuable than gold and was guarded and transported under armed escort.

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