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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

If You Ever Felt That Your Body Suddenly Twitches While You Are Sinking In A Deep Sleep, This Is What Is Happening To You

Team - 3:03 AM

Imagine this situation: You are dreaming the best dream ever. Suddenly, your body twitches and you wake up. Unpleasant feeling, isn’t it? Why does this happen? Has this happened to you? This is a common notion and scientists have finally come up with a theory of the possible causes for this phenomenon.

Sometimes, you may feel as if you are falling from a very high place. Different people have given different explanations of this feeling. Everyone experiences this in a different way, but the end result in everyone is waking up. Scientists believe that there are some external causes that can increase the probability of twitching, like caffeine or tobacco. Therefore, it is highly recommended to avoid coffee few hours before going to bed as otherwise, the chances for this waking up in this way are higher. Some stimulants as adderalls or Ritalin can have the similar effect. Lack of sleep is also a trigger.

Twitching can sometimes occur when someone falls asleep too quickly due to fatigue. In fact, in the first phases of sleep, the heart beats and the breathing slow down quickly. Sometimes, when people are very exhausted, the brain continues through these phases too quickly and this confuses the brain. This is when the body reacts quickly to the chemicals that caused the waking up with a twitch.

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