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Sunday, June 5, 2016


How to Heal Your Body by Speaking To It

Team - 2:32 AM

When you suffer daily from a chronic condition, and you’ve tried all sorts of different treatment methods to no avail, it makes sense to seek out alternative forms of therapy. But what if one of these therapies included speaking to your body? What if someone told you that every part of your body has its own soul and consciousness, and that you could speak to them?

More and more people are discovering that they are able to heal their physical injuries and disabilities by having deep, heartfelt conversations with their bodies while in a meditative state.

This communication process is comprised of three key steps that help us obtain cooperation from our body:
  • Approach communication with your body from a place of genuine compassion, recognizing that it contains cells that are conscious and experience emotions.

  • Generate trust by speaking about your wish for you and your body to cooperate in order to overcome any illness or pain.

  • Let the conversation flow by entertaining different thoughts and ideas that evoke spontaneous emotions.
A meditation practice that involves these guidelines and techniques with help attune your mind to the universal energy field that sustains all life. Once you attune your mind to this field, you can focus its energy into creating a healing event that brings together the physical body and conscious mind.

Experience your raw creative healing ability, forge an alliance between your body and mind using raw universal energy.

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