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Sunday, June 26, 2016


Cool Your Burn With This Homemade Sunburn Relief!

Team - 3:02 AM

Summer is the time of the year when all people want to go on a holiday, relax on the beach, enjoy the weather, swim, play volleyball on the sand etc. Unfortunately, all these summer activities also bring sunburns. Markets offer many different products that treat sunburns and that is the reason why people usually do not know which product to choose. When treating sunburns, the most important things are time and effectiveness because every victim of the sun wants a quick relief. But what product should we choose?

Relief is Here!

Well, you should not pick a product from a market because you can make it at home. This home product will not cost you a fortune and is very effective- it gives you an immediate and lasting relief. The ingredients that we need are simple and can be found in a drug store or a grocery store. We need just two utensils: a hand mixer and a container for storage and three ingredients that have been proven to heal. Furthermore, it is natural and it does not contain chemical substances such as oxides and benzines which can be found in the products that we buy in the markets.

Why Does It Work?

Well-known components that are essential for skin care such as vitamin E, proteins, and multiple fatty acids are contained in Coconut oil. For repairing itself from dryness, cracks, and tears, the skin uses vitamin E. The fatty acids and proteins protect the skin from additional harm and contain moisturizing elements. All these elements are crucial in curing a sunburn.

For centuries, people used Aloe Vera to treat skin ailments and other illnesses as well. A huge number of brand products contain aloe vera as an essential ingredient for moisturizing. Its structure is smooth gel-like, it contains antioxidants and helps the body in healing.

Raw, organic honey is a key ingredient because of the antibacterial qualities that it contains. There is a big possibility sunburn to become infected which can cause scarring and illness. Usually, the parts that are sunburnt are those that we often expose in the sun such as the face, arms, legs. It can be emotionally damaging if these parts of the body get scarred, so the good sunburn treatment is essential.

The Exact Recipe


-1 tablespoon Coconut Oil
-1 tablespoon Aloe Vera
-¼ cup of raw, organic honey

For this recipe, you should have a hand mixer or a whisk for blending the ingredients together well and a mason jar or other container where you will put the final product.

How to make it:
Put these 3 ingredients in a bowl and blend them together with the whisk or hand mixer until you mix them completely.

Clean your sunburn.

Apply the homemade cream to the sunburn and cover it with a clean gauze or bandage.

Keep it for further use in the mason jar on a room temperature. Coconut oil and honey tend to harden so do not freeze this lotion.

Quick & Immediate Relief!

You will be immediately relieved from the burning and itching sensation with this homemade product. The sunburn will be cured faster, even for day or two in certain cases. Even though the sun can have uncomfortable effects on your skin, with this easy recipe, you will be ready to enjoy freely in the summer.

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