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Friday, April 15, 2016

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The Demand for This “liquid Gold” Is Huge: A Liter of This Oil Costs 1,800 Euros! Here’s Why…

Team - 3:08 AM

One kilogram of the helichrysum immortelle essential oil is currently priced at a staggering 1,800 Euros, with buyers of this “liquid gold of essential oils” queuing to buy it.

The demand for this oil is really high from both the pharmaceutical and food industries, and even plastic surgeons are looking for this healing oil, the value of which keeps rising across the globe.

With that in mind, you should really take a look whether the helichrysum italicum plant grows anywhere in your vicinity. If it does, you can use it to make your own immortelle oil for your own use or selling purposes!

The yellow flowers of helichrysum italicum, have been long admired, with even our ancestors enjoying the seducing and soft smell of this plant.

The plant is not called immortelle for nothing. Every year it blossoms into places where only rare plants can survive, proudly blooming in its immortality.

The immortelle is mostly used in cosmetic products nowadays, but herbalists have been using it for other purposes for centuries. There are many plants in the Helichrysum family, but the most famous is Helichrysum italicum – a plant which belongs to the large Asteraceae family, to which many aromatic and healing types belong, like the Roman and German chamomile, as well as the yarrow. The immortelle usually blossoms and is harvested in May.

The most used parts of the plant are its flowers which are used to produce the essential oil. The flowers are also used in phytotherapy, along with its leaves. The flowers and leaves of the immortelle contain strong, bitter substances, as well as phthalides and flavonols. This is the reason why immortelle tea has a bitter taste, despite its almost perfume-like smell. The immortelle tea is similar to the lavender tea, which also has a pleasant smell, but a bitter and uncomfortable taste.

Still, the immortelle oil has a lot of advantages, one of which is that it is very beneficial to the stomach, as it boosts the secretion of stomach juices ( stomachic ) as well as the secretion of digestive enzymes from the pancreas. This is why it is ideal for people with digestive problems. However, most people choose other herbal products that contain proteolytic enzymes for this purpose, like pineapple and papaya oils, instead of the immortelle oil, which is truly unfortunate.

The immortelle is usually used in the form of a tea, while in rare cases it’s also used as a tincture. Immortelle tea should not be over-consumed, mostly due to its bitter taste. The recommended amount is 2 teaspoons of dry and crushed immortelle into 1,5-2 dcl of boiling water, drunk fresh before meals, 1-2 times a day. The tincture, on the other hand, should be prepared by putting 1kg of dry immortelle into 5l of 45% ethanol, and drank 1-3 times a day, but no more than 2-4 ml.

The immortelle, as its name suggest, has the reputation of turning back time for those who drink it. It is said to be effective at preserving the youth of your skin, as it works against wrinkles and revitalizes and regenerates the tired and ageing skin. Such were the words used by the French classical school of aromatherapy, which shot the immortelle into popularity.

However, many commercial products that claim to contain an immortelle extract, some of which are really expensive, do not have the strong fragrance that this plant is known for, which is really surprising.

It’s a mystery how such a cosmetic product does not smell of immortelle, since its fragrance is so strong that even a drop of immortelle oil in 50g of skin cream is enough to give the product the smell of a nice, fresh immortelle bouquet.

Nevertheless, you can make your own, completely natural, anti-ageing oil. You will need:
  • Argan essential oil (15ml, cold pressed and unrefined);
  • Wild rose essential oil (15ml, cold pressed and unrefined);
  • Immortelle essential oil (2-4 drops).
Put everything in a small 30ml bottle and shake well. Apply it in thin layers, mostly at night.

The oil is exceptionally nutritional and it will make your skin livelier and shinier, even after the first use. You can also use it together with immortelle herbal distillates, which are great for moisturizing the skin and soothing inflammations.

The herbal distillate also has a very pleasant smell.

The immortelle oil is also one of the best treatments for hematomas (bruises), as was accidentally discovered by the French doctor and aromatherapist Daniel Pénoël, who brought with him several dl of the oil when he travelled abroad.

He was attacked by a St. Bernard one night and was bitten several times on his leg. Because he had no other ideas of what to do, he used the immortelle essential oil he had with him and applied it carefully, several times during the night.

When he woke up the following morning, he noticed that there were no marks where his bruises used to be. The wounds he got from being bitten by the St. Bernard were completely healed, which was truly an unbelievable sight.

This made him want to test the effects of the oil on his patients and he soon discovered that the oil can heal bruises fast, even older yellow-green bruises which seem to stick for too long. He also found that the oil was faster than most other medications he used.

If you too want to treat your hematomas, follow these guidelines:

First of all, add 10-15 drops of immortelle essential oil to a 10ml bottle. Next, fill the rest of the bottle with tamanu oil (cold pressed and unrefined). Shake the bottle well, and then apply it to your bruises 2-3 times a day. Furthermore, the oil can also be used to remove surgery scars.

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