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Thursday, April 21, 2016


Read How To Properly Apply Your Perfume So That It Lasts An Entire Day!

Joy Sandra - 3:00 AM

How many times were you in a situation when you applied and it only lasted an hour? You probably thought that is because of the perfume itself. Maybe, but before you cast doubt upon your perfume, think about the way you apply it. These advices will help you improve the durability of the perfume and smell beautifully during the entire day.

Avoid keeping the perfume in the bathroom or in other moist and warm rooms.
For longer durability, apply a little bit of Vaseline onto the area where you will spray perfume.
If you have dry skin, first apply body cream or body lotion and then perfume.
Perfume should be applied after showering.

After you apply it onto the inner parts of the joints, do not rub the area, because if you do this, the top notes of the perfume will quickly fade away, thus making the perfume last shortly.

Apply perfume only on pulse areas, the inner side of the joints and elbows, and the neck.
If the perfume is alcohol based, and you want to apply on the hair as well, it is better to spray the comb or brush and then comb the hair with it.

When you try out a new perfume, wait for it to dry well, so that you can smell its base note.

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