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Thursday, April 14, 2016



Team - 3:07 AM

There are numerous studies that prove that baking soda and lemon have a positive effect on our organism. But did you know that when they are combined they work better than chemotherapy?

It is already proven that lemon and baking soda can kill cancer cells with a 10,000 times the effectiveness of chemotherapy? But why hasn’t anyone heard of this before? Because the pharmaceutical companies would lose billions and billions of dollars in profit they gain from chemotherapy.

It was proven that lemon has an anti-cancer effect, but that it is also effective against all forms of cysts and tumors. In fact, it is the lemon peel that is the most effective in fighting cancer, because it contains compounds like d-limonene which was already proven to be great in treating cancer in animals.

Both lemon and baking soda have an alkalizing effect on the body, i.e. they normalize the pH value in the organism and prevent the cancer from spreading.

A recent study showed that by eating four (or more) 150g portions of citrus each week, you can significantly lower your risk of colon cancer by 18%, stomach cancer by 31%, mouth cancer by 53%, and pharynx cancer by 58%.

The lemon destroys the cancer cells and prevents their spreading, which makes it more effective than drugs like adriamicyn, chemotherapy, and other pharmaceutical products.

Chemotherapy destroys the organism by poisoning everything within in and not just cancer cells. If that’s the best your doctors can offer you, why not try a more natural and less harmful alternative?

All you have to do is mix two teaspoons of organic lemon juice with ½ teaspoon of baking soda and consume the mixture regularly.

And of course, never forget to eat healthy and do some physical exercise!

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