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Sunday, April 3, 2016

Enemas – A Useful Tool for Bowel Trouble. What are they and how do we pick the right type?

Team - 2:01 AM

by Isabela Visan; staff

Colon cleansing is one of the important steps towards a healthy body. Any accumulation or retention of residual matter inside the body, irrespective of its extent, causes health problems and hinders the body’s natural healing process.

If our bodies were transparent so that we could easily see inside it, we would immediately understand why elevated toxin levels in the blood and high blood viscosity are responsible for so many of our heart dysfunctions. A weakened digestion can be the result of concrescences, which look very similar to mushrooms or jellyfish, building up on the inner walls of the colon, whereas hernias and impotence can be caused by excessive mucus buildup in the lower abdomen. On the other hand, allergies, eczema and psoriasis occur due to impaired liver function, which can no longer cope with the elevated levels of toxins.

The inability to eliminate this waste can cause the proteins to decay, which leads to toxemia or acidosis. Retaining these residues inside your body has a greater impact on your overall health than you might think.

Picture yourself eating a meal out of a plate. If you discard the food on the plate and replace it with another dish, will the plate become any cleaner? Of course not! The only way to get that plate clean again is to wash it with water and then give it a good wiping. The same principle applies to cleaning your body on the inside. A thorough and proper cleanse has only two prerequisites: clean, biologically active water and a bowel that’s free of any waste matter.

Enemas are a very helpful method to clean a burdened gut that is filled with residue and toxins, or to overcome certain rectal or colon-related conditions such as hemorrhoids or cancer.

There are several different types of enemas which can help with cleansing the colon and eliminating blockages.

Here is how you should choose the most appropriate method depending on the results you want to achieve.

LIGHT ENEMAS – They cleanse and strengthen the descending, sigmoid and rectal sections of the colon. The recommended amount of water for filling the enema container is two liters. The water should be lukewarm.

You can replace the water with infusions of any combination of medicinal plants. The following plants and herbs are excellent for cleansing and strengthening the intestinal walls: buckthorn, marshmallow root, smooth leaved elm bark, plantain leaves, burdock leaves, turmeric root and so on.

STRONG ENEMAS – They have a profound effect on the colon, especially in the transversal and ascending parts, respectively in the area of the caecum. Strong enemas differ from light enemas by the way they are administered and the amount of water / mixture that is pushed up through the colon. For strong enemas, you can use the same medicinal plants mentioned above. In cases of extreme fatigue, strong enemas can be done using fresh juices out of greens, sprouted wheat grass, spinach, alfalfa or barley, which should replace the infusions of medicinal plants. These juices are absorbed rapidly into the walls of the large intestine and give the body a great energy boost. Chlorophyll is another great ingredient to use for enemas, as it can enhance the cleansing while helping the bowels to heal better.

COFFEE ENEMAS – Many people choose coffee enemas because they stimulate both the large intestine and the liver. However, they are only recommended in cases of large-bowel obstruction, which completely blocks bowel movements. Ongoing use of coffee enemas has a whiplash effect, which over time weakens the colon and causes inflammations in the liver and kidneys. Coffee enemas also affect the nervous system, causing either hyperactiveness or reduced nervous activity. This in turn impacts the entire body, causing nerve disorders, alternating severe constipation and diarrhea, bloating, edema and acidosis.

If you just want a mild colon cleanse, you can introduce in the rectum 100-200 ml of lukewarm water or plant infusions on a daily basis, using a syringe. You should try to keep the liquid inside the bowels for at least five minutes after each application.


1. Use a specialized enema container and nozzle.
2. Fill the container with one to four liters of water or infusion of medicinal plants, which should always be used at body temperature.
3. Lie on your left side of the body and hang the lukewarm water container at a height of at least 50 cm.
4. To make sure the enema tube slides in easily, use an ointment of medicinal plants to lubrify the nozzle.
5. Let the water or mixture flow down slowly into the colon; take regular breaks to rest, relax and breathe. You can listen to relaxing music during the procedure.
6. After several minutes, switch your position from lying on your left side to lying on your back, continue for another few minutes, then turn over on your right side.
7. Massage the area of the colon on the outside when it’s filled with liquid. Massaging helps the compact plaque to fall off so that it can be eliminated.
8. Hold the water or liquid mixture inside the bowel for a few minutes, then expel it.
9. Repeat the procedure until the water container is completely empty.

It is highly advisable not to overdo it with this procedure, only use enemas when cleansing is absolutely necessary.

A diet comprised of raw vegetables and fruits combined with supplements for intestinal regeneration will shorten the otherwise lengthy healing and regeneration process of the gastrointestinal tract.

About the author
Isabela Visan - I have been a member of the HealthyAeon team since 2014. Love is one of the pathways that lead to a complete spiritual liberation. You can follow me on Facebook
This article (Enemas – A Useful Tool for Bowel Trouble. What are they and how do we pick the right type?  ) was originally created and published by HealthyAeon. It may be re-posted freely with proper attribution, author bio, and this copyright statement.

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