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Monday, March 28, 2016


Things every woman secretly aspires to

Team - 4:05 AM

by Isabela Visan; staff

It’s commonsensical that women don’t and actually shouldn’t be identical in terms of personality and looks. However, I partially agree to the popular opinion that they tend to share the same secrets.

My argument is, nevertheless, limited to all the small things like women wanting to be blissfully happy every second of the day, things that men usually don’t fully understand, or at least pretend not to.

I will list them all here, accompanied by my short personal notes.

Without further ado, women would love to… tall, if possible 1.80 or 1.88 m tall, I mean Maria Sharapova tall (better be mindful of the popular adage: “long legs are short-minded”);

- meet a man who’s capable to make decisions in crucial situations and not one who can make decisions in any other circumstances as well (is that man they seek more rational, or just more fearful at the prospect of making mistakes?);

- have a wardrobe that looks better on them than it would on a world-class top-model (why do you always have to compare yourselves to models anyway?);

- hold a job where they can be respected for their performance and not their looks (run as fast as you can away from the employers that value physical beauty);

- face care and body care creams that work even better than the most expensive cosmetics brands in existence (when we have so many natural, plant-based products we can turn to… just check out our website and you’ll find tons of them!);

- make the right decisions without the risk of being considered fervent feminists (why do you have to bring up feminism into every minor thing that happens anyway?);

- have a mind-blowing orgasm every time they have sex (sex isn’t everything, you know);

- a bra that’s sexy, comfy, esthetical and highlights their breasts perfectly (natural breasts don’t need fancy bras to look beautiful and sexy);

- scientific breakthroughs in terms of weight-loss (I pity those poor researchers!);

- share a very strong connection with every friend they have (the kind you only get to see in movies!);

- have beautiful children that are also obedient and easy to educate (every child is beautiful, especially when it’s your own, and no one ever said anything about a child’s upbringing being easy);

- have children who are grateful to them as early on as from adolescence (they’ll learn what gratitude means at their own pace, don’t worry about that);

- get a vacation on a paradise island (we can find paradise within the borders of country too);

- have a man who will invite them to movies, coffee shops, shopping and so on without them hinting at it (be patient, ladies, rest assured that he will);

- be free to wear any favorite outfit without being judged or criticized for it (‘how am I supposed to wear a red mini-skirt at my age?’);

- have their man understand that pregnancy is no piece of cake (no comment);

- have friends who nurture for their happiness round the clock (isn’t that a little bit too much to ask for?);

- be free to eat chocolate without having to count the calories every time (who says you have to count them?);

- have a man who is endowed with angelic patience, one who doesn’t get mad when his woman spends time in front of the bathroom mirror to fix herself up for a party (how long is that, the usual 6 hours of putting on makeup?).

My advice to you, men, is to remember these little secrets! It’s not nonsense, take my word for it! Sooner or later you’ll be using these as weapons of seduction. Or they’ll come in handy whenever things get edgy between you and your spouse. Read them through all over again until you learn them by heart! They’re totally worth it!

About the author
Isabela Visan - I have been a member of the HealthyAeon team since 2014. Love is one of the pathways that lead to a complete spiritual liberation. You can follow me on Facebook
This article (Things every woman secretly aspires to) was originally created and published by HealthyAeon. It may be re-posted freely with proper attribution, author bio, and this copyright statement.

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