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Thursday, March 10, 2016

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After her pregnancy was advised to throw away the dog, but she didn't, after the dog saved her fetus two lives

Team - 3:07 AM

by Madduma Bandara

This is a typical charity must be rewarded the happy ending of the real events.

Figure woman called Alhanna, she has kept a US Akitas Keola, later Alhanna pregnant, and some gossip who advised her to throw away the dog, but she loves her dog, it will not do such a thing.

Thankfully, her insistence brought her unexpected return important, because later the dog saved her stomach and fetal life.

Alhanna said that when she was 20 weeks pregnant, I felt very uncomfortable, the whole spine to sink to break, she always thought that the symptoms of pregnancy, not seriously.

However, since then, the family Akita dog with a sad eyes will be looking at her, his head would have been put at the top of her nose or on her whining sobbing, the performance is very unusual. And once Alhanna want to move, then refused to leave the dog followed her, repeating such a move.

Dog freak too, we can not ignore the signals of despair, and finally caught her attention, so she went to the hospital for examination, which revealed bilateral nephritis, and before his back pain is caused by nephritis, is not caused by pregnancy. The doctor said that if re-discovered late mother is at risk, but fortunately she was able to catch up before the case did not develop into bad doctor.

After treatment, mother and child, Alhanna after also gave birth to a baby boy. Alhanna everyone that said, it is the dog saved their mother.

The child's arrival, so that the dog has become a nanny, it's like the brother, always protect him.

Animal disease perception, much higher than humans, before there are similar cases, a woman's dog, often at the top of his nose a part of her body, the result is an early doctor found cancer cells, but also because it was discovered early, there is no Life-threatening.

So you see, also thanks to the pregnant woman does not listen to those nosy friend, the dog away, her kindness, but also for her own brings a reward.

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