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Sunday, February 21, 2016


This Chinese Face Map Will Reveal Every Health Problem That You Have

Team - 3:09 AM

If you notice that your skin, which is by the way the largest organ in human body, is experiencing some problems, you should know that the problem might be deeper. You can tell this by analyzing the skin on your face.

Traditional Chinese medicine claims that each part of the face is closely related to certain organs in our body and we experience some problems in these organs that we are not aware of, the face will send us the signal. Rashes, redness, pimples and skin color changes are some of the most common symptoms that can appear.

Forehead: bladder and small intestine

Cause: too much fats and processed food causes slow digestion, as well as too much alcohol, sugar and staying up late, stress.

Cure: raw food, lots of water, alcohol abstinence and good sleep.

Liver – the area between the eyebrows

Cause: your stomach is not rested. The excessive working of the stomach is caused by eating a lot of meat and allergies to foods that you eat.

Cure: meditation, yoga, fast walking, fresh air and fresh foods can solve the liver issues.

Kidneys – eyebrow arch

Cause: this can be caused by too much smoking, alcohol, therefore bad blood circulation and weak heart.

Cure: drink a lot of water, stop consuming caffeine as well as sweetened drinks and alcohol. Dehydration might be another reason for this.

Heart – nose

Cause: both heart and high blood pressure may cause negative changes on the skin of your nose. These problems may be caused by bad circulation, closed rooms, swollen stomach, gasses and polluted air.

Cure: exercise regularly. Cleanse your body from toxins with green tea. Check your blood pressure and cholesterol levels regularly.

Lungs – upper part of the cheeks

Cause: the skin on your cheeks as well as the skin under your eyes may change if you have lung problems caused by smoking, asthma and pollution.

Cure: Exercise, avoid polluted air and stop smoking.

Kidneys and lungs – cheeks

Cause: sugars, bad food, smoking and stress are the cause behind these problems.

Cure: Improve your diet and the cosmetic products that you are using.

Mouth and chin: stomach

Cause: food that contains lots of fat, sugar and stimulants like caffeine and alcohol. This part is most affected after using season food. Staying up until late as well as stress can cause imbalance.

Cure: start a diet that can help you establish balance. Eat a lot of fruit. If the problems continue visit a doctor.

Jaw and neck: hormones

Cause: too much salty food, spices and not enough water. Sometimes too much caffeine.

Cure: cut down on salt, spices and caffeine. But, drink more water.

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