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Wednesday, February 17, 2016


She Put a Ball of Aluminum Foil in Her Washing Machine. Only A Few People Know This Awesome Trick…

Team - 3:01 AM

Doing laundry it’s not a really favorite home activity. You must be sure that the temperature is adequate and you should not leave it to strike for too long, so it doesn’t dry up.

And what about the ironing…

Well, thanks to these very useful advice, you will wash the laundry very easy and the clothes will look like they were just bought!

Check out the video and share it with your friends:

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  1. I thought the foil was going to be used like those large magnets instead of detergent. I am still curious about using magnets instead of laundry soap, but will try foil balls in my dryer too.
    I stopped using dryer sheets years ago-don't like added scents and chemicals in my life.