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Saturday, February 13, 2016

Secret behind the Toothpaste Bottom Color

Joy Sandra - 3:00 AM

No one notices the bottom color of the toothpastes, but they can certainly tell a lot. People are not familiar with the meaning of the different colors, but in this post we will explain more about them. Namely, the color presents the constituents of the toothpaste.

There appear several different colors which present different things. After reading this post, you should start paying more attention to these colored stripes on the bottom of the package.

Here are the meanings of the colors:

Green stripe- stands for natural constituents

Blue stripe- means that there is some medicine added in the toothpaste

Red stripe- stands for natural constituents, but with some chemicals added

Black stripe- stands for totally chemical constituents.

Besides this, all the ingredients are listed on the back of the package. Therefore, many people say that the colors are not connected to this.

We will let you check on your own if this is true or not.

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