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Saturday, February 6, 2016


Apply THIS Mix On Your Feet Before Bed And Get That Baby-like Sleep

Joy Sandra - 6:00 AM

Lots of people worldwide have the problem with sleeping, and almost every one of them had tried pills, prescription drugs or bedtime tunes just in order to fall asleep and get the proper rest. But for certain thing people are not aware, like the fact that essential oils can be of great help. Even the ancient Romans have used the benefits of natural, medical oils.

To be exact, natural oils combined with targeted massage can act very positive on the body and cause deep, relaxed slumber.
The combination of finger pressure on the feet with the help of natural essential oils like lavender, magnesium or chamomile oil can do wonders.

In order to understand how it really works let mi explain you some points:

What is reflexology? – This is a modern name for an ancient art. The primary concept is applying pressure on specific areas. By this logic, massaging the feet is a quick method for relaxing muscles all throughout the body. Aside from this theory (which is still under study), foot massages improve blood circulation, which promotes restful sleep.

Natural oil comes as obligatory part of the massage. They have positive effect and soothing scent.

Natural oils good for massaging:

Lavender – it is believed that this oil can replace the anti-anxiety and anti-depressant medications. It represents natural and very powerful relaxant. It can be also used to heal wounds and has the capabilities to prevent infections.

Like the Lavender, the chamomile essential oil is excellent in alleviation anger, depression and agitation. This is the reason why we should drink this tea before bed, because the natural oils consisted in chamomile tea are representing mild sedative which acts perfectly and has the ability to boost the quality of the mood.

And the last one, but not less important is magnesium. Magnesium has those calming properties of nerves and muscles. There are people who are deficient in magnesium and that are why they have problem to respond properly in stressful situations. Magnesium is a mineral essential in the everyday wellness of mind, and as oil, it has a uniquely strong calming effect.

Combination for better rest:

Four ounces of magnesium oil and 10 drops of lavender and chamomile oil and mix together. You can change the ratio as you wish. It is recommendable to compile the solution into a spray bottle so that application before massaging the feet can be made easier. Simply by applying this mixture of oils to the soles of the feet, you are taking advantage of each oil’s restful properties.

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