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Saturday, January 16, 2016


Why is This Hidden From the Public? 5 Top Causes of Cancer That We Use Daily

Team - 3:00 AM

We present you the 5 common causes of cancer that you’ve been exposed to on daily basis.

This information has been hidden from public’s eyes so the pharmaceutical industry can make huge profits from this serious disease. Here’s the intriguing list of the 5 most dangerous causes of cancer we are unaware of, but we use them in our everyday life.

1. Mammograms, Dental X-rays, Scanners at airports:

Did the mammography technician forget to tell you to pass the protective switches across your chest area before he ran out the office? Yes, we are talking about the deadly rays that cause cancer, and you came to prevent it or react on time.

2. Aluminium in deodorants and antiperspirants

Most of the breast cancers occur in the upper quadrant, near the armpit, right where we apply deodorants filled with aluminium. Therefore, you should use homemade or organic deodorants instead.

3. Artificial sweeteners

Aspartame as the main ingredient of artificial sweeteners is made from the excrement of GMO E. coli which is a resident of the colon as well as sewage. The infamous aspartame is in almost all the chewing gum, medications and most food. Avoid it and turn to wheat malts, stevia, maple syrup, honey or raw organic sugar.

4. Fluoridated water

No, this is not a mineral found in nature or purified water passing through the pipes. Fluoride actually pollutes the water and washed minerals from our body and in that way weakens the immune system. Drink spring water.

5. Artificial food colouring and preservatives, additives

Almost every artificial food colouring is produced in the laboratory. Mighty preservatives literally suffocate your cells and transform them into cancer cells. Turn to colourful organic fruits, vegetables, grains, beans, seeds. They’re healthier, and they make the plate more beautiful … Do not buy things from boxes and canned foods.

Source: justhealthylifestyle

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