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Monday, January 4, 2016


This Woman Drank Carrot Juice Every Day For 8 Months. This Is What Happened To Her

Joy Sandra - 3:30 AM

No, she didn’t turn into a carrot, but she did experience some pretty wonderful effects!

Ann Cameron, who has written numerous kids books, was born in 1943. In 2012, she was diagnosed with colon cancer. It was found in its third stage and while she opted for surgery, she chose not to have chemotherapy.

Unfortunately, by November of 2012, they found the cancer had entered its fourth stage and spread to the lungs. The prognosis wasn’t good. They figured she’d live maybe three more years. Once again, she refused chemotherapy. She saw her husband go through it before he passed and didn’t want her final weeks, months, or years to be like that.

She had heard about another man, Ralph Cole, beating skin cancer by juicing two and a half pounds of carrots every day and decided to give it a try. She didn’t have much to lose!

After two weeks, she had a positron tomography examination and found that her condition had not changed.

Eight weeks later, computed tomography showed the disease had stopped spreading and that her lymph glands had begun to stop swelling. Four months in, the cancer was continuing its decline. Eight months later, she was cancer free.

The whole reason this worked for her was because of the anti-cancer caretenoids in carrots. It’s believed by some to reduce or stop the growth of cancer cells.

Of course, if you’ve been diagnosed with any kind of cancer, don’t stop your treatment schedule and opt for this instead. Each type of cancer is different and while some may respond to this type of treatment, others may not. If you choose not to seek treatment, that is on you. We don’t encourage the decision and we don’t recommend you make it lightly until you’ve spent a great deal of time discussing it with your family and your physicians. That said, we don’t see anything wrong with an all of the above approach to fighting cancer. What do you have to lose?

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