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Monday, January 25, 2016


She Consumed Kefir for Whole 30 Days: The Results Were Amazing! (Recipe)

Team - 3:07 AM

You probably already know about the health benefits of yogurt but did you know you can get them by consuming kefir as well?

There was a woman who successfully improved her immune system and lost a few pounds only by consuming kefir for 30 days.

And here’s her story:

‘’Only after a week of consuming kefir I felt better, it helped me speed up the metabolism and energized me. fter the second week, I noticed that my pants are a little bit “comfortable” in the waist and after the third one I realized that my belly is much flatter’’, she says.

After some time researching and sorting through a lot of the information on the web she finally got kefir grains and kefir fungi from a colleague who was already drinking kefir for months. She decided to replace dinner with a cup of this yoghurt-like drink, and here’s the process:

Every night she strained kefir grains through plastic strainer, and then she rinsed them well under running cold water in order to wash them out of milk and curdled milk deposits.

When kefir grains were well washed, she placed them in a glass jar, and then poured sweet cow or goat milk over them, which was previously warmed at room temperature.

She covered the jar with the grains with a cotton cloth and left it in a dark place for 24 hours. After 24 hours, she strained and drank the resulting yoghurt-like mixture.

‘’ You should not leave kefir on the sun or store it in the fridge. Moreover, never let the kefir grains to get in contact with any metal. Stir the mixture with plastic, wooden or ceramic spoon instead’’ she explains.

She drank kefir for a month. She had breakfast and lunch as usual, and for dinner she consumed 250ml of freshly squeezed kefir.

‘’Only after a week of consuming kefir I felt better, I managed to speed up my metabolism and I felt more energized with every sip of this drink’’, she claims.

After the second week, she noticed that her pants are a little bit “comfortable” in the waist and after the third one she realized that her belly is much flatter. The weight scale showed 3 kg less!

She has not changed her diet, except consuming kefir everyday.

We encourage you to try this recipe so you can wake up feeling fabulous, energized, and ready to take on your day.

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  1. the Kefir in the bottle from the health food store is that the same?