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Friday, January 29, 2016


Here Is Why You Should Never Dispose The Acidic Water From The Pickles!

Team - 3:07 AM

After eating all of those delicious pickles I bet you never thought about the acidic water they were contained into and how it could be on some way useful. It often ends into our sink or in our garbage but the water is very tasty and can be indeed utilized.

Here are 4 great ideas for use of the acidic water from pickles:

1. Consumed instead of vinegar – this liquid can be used for replacement of vinegar and you will be able to spice up lettuce, salads, potatoes or hard- boiled eggs.

2. Compound for marinade – marinating the meat in this liquid can be also one great idea. The acid will soften the meat and give to it nicer flavor.

3. Unusual cocktail – this acidic liquid can be served as one unusual cocktail. Try to experiment and add it in glass of martini instead of olive juice or olive. Also it could be added in whiskey and end up as one of the most popular trends.

4. Hangover – this liquid is an excellent remedy against the hangover. The liquid is rich in electrolytes and It can also be consumed after a hard workout.

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