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Thursday, December 24, 2015

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Use These Spices Every Day and Eliminate The Risk of Getting Cancer!

Team - 3:07 AM

American doctor Carolyn Anderson discovered a very simple recipe that can prevent cancer.

It is a mixture of three highly available ingredients. These findings of Dr. Anderson are based on 2,000 years old East Indian tradition. Carolyn Anderson argues that if you use these ingredients daily, you will eliminate all risk of developing cancer.


Mix ¼ teaspoon turmeric, ½ teaspoon olive oil. In this add fresh pepper.

Mix all ingredients.

The mixture can be consumed individually or to use in a variety of dishes, salads and so on.

How do you consume?

If you consume only the mixture, you can add some water. If you put it in cooked dishes, be sure to put the mixture at the end of cooking.

This natural mixture has no side effects, says Dr. Anderson.

The latest research shows that turmeric prevents many types of cancer. Turmeric has only one drawback, it’s difficult to decompose in the body. Therefore, an ideal combination for the treatment and prevention of cancer is to consume turmeric with pepper or ginger. According to studies, pepper increases the efficiency of turmeric for even 200%.

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