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Saturday, December 5, 2015

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Joy Sandra - 3:30 AM

Have you ever wondered what happens to your body after drinking a can of Coke? Most people don’t even think about this and don’t seem to think that it is important. However, this extremely popular brown soft drink has some substantial impacts on the body. Dr West Conner, a “Renegade Pharmacist” has outlined these impacts on his website. They are as follows:

First 10 Minutes

After drinking a can of Coke, your body is bombarded with sugar. To be more exact, you’ve just drank10 teaspoons of sugar, a dosage which is the 100% prescribed daily utilization. Your body can’t disgorge them thanks to the phosphates which conceal the taste.

After 20 Minutes

Your glucose intake is huge and your body discharges insulin at once. Your liver starts working immediately and turns the accessible sugar into fat.

After 40 Minutes

By now, the caffeine that is present in the Coke has been totally absorbed by your body. The liver tosses more sugar into your circulation and the circulatory strain rises. You don’t feel exhausted or anxious as a result to the adenosine receptors in your cerebrum which are now blocked.

After 45 Minutes

Your body releases more dopamine which stimulates the pleasure focus in your cerebrum. This is exactly how heroin acts.

At 60 Minutes

The phosphate acid ties the zinc, magnesium and calcium to your lower digestive system, further boosting your digestion. This is mixed by the huge dose of sugar and simulated sweeteners that block the discharge of calcium through the urine.

A little after 60 Minutes

This is when the diuretic properties of the caffeine kick in. You will feel the urge to go to the bathroom, where you will discharge all the zinc, calcium, and magnesium that were meant for your bones, as well as the water, sodium, and electrolytes.

A bit after 60 Minutes

Now you feel the sugar crash. You are likely to get lazy and bad tempered. By now, you have already freed yourself of the water that was present in the Coke. But, it left your body before enhancing it with all important and radiant supplements it needs. They could have reinforced your teeth and bones, or supplied your digestive system. Finally, your risk of developing diabetes and the need to wear an insulin pump has increased.

Many people are simply not aware of what this fizzy, soft drink can do to their bodies. This is why this information should reach as many people as possible, so that they can learn the truth and stop being kept in the dark.

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  1. Ofcourse!!! Its from Israel.. another mass killing in the making. Israel products are meant to kill...

    1. still better than blowing themselves up...

    2. Coca-Cola is from Israel? What drug are you on?

  2. Why people still allowed this kind of brand sell to entire world? Nobody try to stop them..nobody try to ban that!!!amazingly!!

    If this brand bring more bad things than a good to people health??

    I am still wonder...why??

  3. Drink less maybe ok if we cant avoid it..but drink more water after drinking coke..

  4. Would you do Heroin, Cocaine or pop pills? The answer is no. Why? Because we know better, we know how these drugs will affect our body and lifes. With that being said, anybody who drinks this trash cant complaint when your diagnosed with diabetes or have weight issues. We all know better, hell even kids in third world countries know not to drink this poison. Coca-Cola is more accesible in this planet than water! Corporate greed and capitalism allow these fat cats to distribute and market this trash around the globe. Coca-Cola should change there model from soft drinks to cleaning products, because if you havent done it. Coca-Cola leaves your toilet sparkling clean. Lets showcase these bastards sipping on there own garbage, I guarantee you people they dont even drink this trash. Even less there family.

  5. Well were gonna die of something anyway. It's not like banning sodas gonna make us live forever. Between Cancer, Heart disease and the police chances are were all gonna die young especially if your a minority. 😉