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Wednesday, December 16, 2015


These Plants Are a Must Have In Your Home: They Protect Against Radiation, Chemicals, and Harmful Cigarettes Smoke

Joy Sandra - 3:30 AM

We cannot live without oxygen. However, this element of great meaning is so often underestimated, that people do not even bother to think if the air they breathe is clean or not.

It seems that nowadays there is simply no way to avoid the polluted air in the city, but that’s why we can make our houses and apartments little oases of purified air. And, even for this problem, Mother Nature has a solution and it involves plants which will not only improve your health by purifying the air, but also are a perfect decoration for your home.

Moreover, plants absorb harmful radiation emitted from televisions, and also eliminate harmful odors emitted by paints, solvents or cleaning agents. Did you know that you need to have one plant for every 80 square feet of space?

The fig tree, fern, dracaena, and cactus “suck” the negative radiation from TVs and harmful odors.

Here are some plants which will protect you against radiation, chemicals, harmful cigarettes smoke and much more:

Dracaena marginata

Apart from being a beautiful ornamental plant that is easy to maintain, it is important to emphasize that this plant is very resistant to temperature differences. Light suits her, but you should be careful that it is not in direct sunlight, and not in a draft. It must be regularly sprayed with water and it will grow to be beautiful. Dracaena reduces the concentration of formaldehyde, evaporating components from cleaning agents, paints, solvents, sprays and deodorants, and therefore is an indispensable air purifier.

Weeping Fig (Ficus Benjamina)

This plant works best if you live with a cigarettes smoker. It will neutralize the cigarettes smoke and therefore protect the other members of your family. The ficus will also reduce the concentration of carbon dioxide, trielina, carbon monoxide, and chemicals from paints and varnishes. It is important to water it frequently and put it on a sunny spot.


This herb reduces the concentration of formaldehyde from the furniture, glue, paint, detergents, fabric, and curtains. It requires a lot of moisture. It should not be exposed to direct sunlight.

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