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Monday, December 21, 2015

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The incredible benefits of parsley

Joy Sandra - 3:00 AM

by Chriss Allen staff

Parsley juice detoxifies the body, helps you lose weight and is the enemy of cellulite. Drink a glass of this juice every day for three weeks, and the body fat will be burned faster. Moreover, hepatitis can be controlled even if you drink a daily glass of parsley juice .

Parsley juice cure

To prepare the parsley juice put the leaves in the squeezer and add water until the top of leaves. Press the composition until it becomes a paste and you can drink it alone or filtered. It is recommended to drink this juice by the time it has been prepared and do not keep the juice in the refrigerator for more than five hours. Drink the juice daily, before meals.

Parsley juice it is also used in cosmetics for skin cleansing or as a cure for freckles. The juice must be applied on the face, in the evening and kept overnight. In the morning wash with warm water. It is a cure contraindicated for pregnant women. Is best to drink juice parsley for streightening the immune system , in case of infection, allergies, convalescence, fatigue, asthenia, physical and intellectual overexertion, anemia, blood disorders, atonal gallbladder, liver (hepatitis, cirrhosis, cholecystitis), kidney or bladder, rheumatism, gout, joint pain (especially during menopause), painful menstrual periods, irregular periods, cellulite.

Internal cure

Acute ethyl intoxication (drunkenness) – take one or two well washed bundles of parsley,chew the leaves and then swallow. The volatile oil in the leaves is a powerful central nervous system stimulant that will be less affected by the effects of alcohol. Also, parsley is a protector and a liver stimulant, and helps to a faster elimination of alcohol from the body

Smoking - more components of the essential oil from the leaves of parsley protects the body against harmful action of tar in cigarette smoke and prevent various respiratory diseases, from chronic bronchitis to lung cancer.Parsley juice cures are recommended. Take 50 ml per day, for four weeks

Hypertension - eating parsley daily, helps to keep under control the level of blood, having diuretic effects, and acting on the central nervous system soothing. Thus, 30 grams of parsley daily consumed helps maintain the elasticity and resistance of blood vessel walls and also preventing stroke.

Asthma – the intake of fresh parsley leaves, at least 30 grams daily as salad, soups and as an additive in various other foods, reduces the susceptibility to asthma attacks. The active principles of parsley have anti-inflammatory effects on the airways and favors streamlining and removing bronchial secretions

Kidney stones, urinary infection adjuvant - according to German researchers, parsley leaves and roots are a real treat for kidneys. Drinking the juice, around 50 ml daily, prevent and combat nephritis and cystitis-pielo. Also, parsley enhances diuresis, prevents the formation of kidney stones (especially hated) and helps remove the existing ones.

Cancerous disease - more parsley salads and parsley juice are an excellent adjuvant in cancer treatment. This fresh vegetable keeps your appetite level, helps the immune system to fight the disease and helps to restore hormonal balance. The antitumor proprieties of parsley’s leaf was discovered recently by researchers and these proprieties are due to their vitamins, flavonoids and volatile of parsley. Eaten raw, in salads or in soups , parsley protects against the mutations and cancer lungs and the respiratory system, the liver, the intestine and kidneys from free radicals. There was an improvement in the health of people who had brain tumors and consumed parsley. In addition, parsley combat many of the side effects of cytostatics and radiotherapy.

Women fertility – used DAILY, parsley is a rejuvenating factor for women and also stimulates fertility. Apiol, a substance found in fresh parsley leaves, stimulates the production of female hormones and increases the function of the ovaries. You have to keep one month coures, during which you have to drink 50 ml of parsley juice daily and also consume as much of this vegetable, as a food additive.

Digestion - Due to its high content of enzymes, parsley helps eliminate toxins and intestinal absorption . Parsley root strengthens the spleen, making it possible to treat malabsorption, decrease pathological weight, anorexia and permanent state of fatigue obeseala. It also improves the digestion of proteins and fats.

The liver - lack of vigor and poor resistance to infection are the indicators of a poor liver function. A sluggish liver can be signaled by constant fatigue, pale skin, brittle nails, dizziness and anemia. Parsley helps to reduce congestion by eliminating accelerated liver toxins and stimulate cell regeneration.

About the author

Chriss Allen
I created HealthyAeon about 5 years ago. The main purpose was to inspire people to live a healthy life and to respect their body.
This article (The incredible benefits of parsley) was originally created and published by HealthyAeon. It may be re-posted freely with proper attribution, author bio, and this copyright statement.

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