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Saturday, December 5, 2015



Joy Sandra - 3:30 AM

Dr. Leonard Coldwell claims that any type of cancer can be cured in just 2 to 16 weeks. Make sure you take a look at the video bellow this article. You will be surprised when you see it. Yes, that’s true, cancer can be cured. I hope you’ll be amazed as I was when I watched the video for the first time.

Cancer is one of the most dangerous and deadly diseases today. A lot of families have lost a family member cause of this deadly disease. My dad died of cancer when I was 17. That was extremely painful experience for me and it had changed my life completely. The worst thing in your life is to look how the cancer eats your closest family members and friends from the inside and you can’t do anything about it. When I saw Dr. Coldwell’s video and article I was so happy and amazed, because I don’t want to see people die from this terrible disease and their closest friends and family suffer if they lose one. Cancer can attack anyone. You can never know who will be its next victim. So make sure you watch this video bellow and start believing that there is hope for all cancer and future cancer patients.

The Cancer Industry is too Prosperous to Allow a Cure for Cancer

You’ve probably heard the term “cancer can be treated with the convention chemotherapy treatments and prescribed medications”. But do you actually believe that these medications can cure cancer? I don’t! We’ve spent everything we had to pay for my father’s chemotherapy treatments and medications. All these treatments cost a fortune, and didn’t help my dad with his disease. They even made it worse. In the last few weeks, my dad suffered from agonizing pains, caused by the chemotherapy treatment. Do you know why the cancer industry still offers the chemotherapy and cancer medications to the cancer patients? It’s all because of money. Nobody from the medical industry actually cares about the patients. They just care about profit and making money on selling medications that don’t work and treat cancer patients with the conventional chemotherapy methods that are killing more good cells, than the cancer ones.

Have you ever heard about Dr. Leonard Coldwell?

Dr. Coldwell’s family had some serious cancer problems. All seven brothers and sisters, from his mother’s side suffered from carcinoma. His dad and his grandma also died from cancer. He saw how his closest family members and friends die from this terrible disease and he couldn’t do anything about it. That’s why he dedicated his life in finding an effective cure for cancer.

In his career so far, Dr. Coldwell has seen more than 35,000 patients, around 2.2 million partakers in his workshops who write their life stories and has more than 7 million fans who read his articles and reports. According to some influential people in the medical industry, Dr. Coldwell has one of the leading roles in curing cancer. His website was blocked by the federal government, because of his success in curing cancer.

Dr. Leonard Coldwell claims that cancer can be cured in most patients, without using the conventional chemotherapy treatments or any contact with radiation. But he is not allowed to tell this to anyone. Dr. Coldwell says that’s because of the people who make profit from cancer patients and the law doesn’t allow him to do so.

The healthcare and the pharmaceutical industry earn millions and millions of dollars through the cancer industry. This situation makes legislators legislate laws that will kill us. Or they will make you sick, and the laws that are supposed to protect us will not allow the right treatment for this deadly disease. They will make you sick and make the disease even worse with the poisonous and harsh “medical” treatments.

Dr. Coldwell – The Only Answer to Cancer

Dr. Leonard Coldwell claims that any type of cancer can be cured in 2 to 16 weeks. And there are some types of cancer, if treated with the right treatment can be healed in few minutes. He says that positivity and hopefulness that really helps in the healing process.

First of all, Dr. Coldwell says that we need to eat more vegetables. This type of diet gives the body lots of oxygen. And if we add calcium and other alkalizing foods we will alkalize our bodies. This is very important for all cancer patients because the progress of cancer stop when the body is alkalized.

Other important thing you should know is that our body has to achieve what is called a therapeutic Ph level. pH has 14 levels from 0 to 14. The lower values are the acidic region and the higher values are the alkaline region. The median neutral level is Ph 7. When the body reaches pH 7 it’s alkaline. A level of 7.36 is very good, but when it comes to treatment, a pH of around 7.5 or higher should be present.

Dr. Coldwell claims that the “intravenous” injection of Vitamin C is very helpful. 100 cc every day, 3 times a week or less will give more than amazing results. Believe it or not, the cancer disappears in a few days after the Vitamin C injection.

Other thing you should do is eliminate hypoxia. Dr. Martin, Dr. Coldwell’s friend offers a great solution for this – an oxygen therapy which involves several steps. In this method, blood is taken out, it’s enriched with pure oxygen and then re-injected into the body 12 times. When the blood is taken out of the body has a shade black color. But with this therapy, the blood that is re-injected has a shade of beautiful pink, like the blood of newborn baby. It’s completely fresh. This treatment fills the body with energy.

Vitamin C and E – the miracle cures

Dr. Coldwell says that you need to eat foods, which have high amount of Vitamin C, such as: chili peppers, cabbage, broccoli, papaya, strawberries, cauliflower, pineapples, kiwi fruit, oranges and lemons. But, Vitamin C is not the only vitamin that has healing powers. We can add Vitamin E to this category as well. Vitamin E is extremely helpful with blood pressure. When it’s treated quickly and effectively in any form, Vitamin E has shown that I can produce stunning results. But, the best source of Vitamin E should be a natural source, and not the artificially produced ones. A study done with artificial produced Vitamin E has shown that it was ineffective.

Remember, chemicals won’t help you with cancer. The nature is the one that brings all these illnesses and the nature again will come to the rescue. We all know that cancer didn’t exist 100 years ago and there are no reasons to exist now. We have caused this serious problem by ourselves. As we said before, the best and the most effective way to get rid of cancer is to consume fresh organic vegetables and other fresh raw foods.

Drink Water with sea salt

Other important thing, according to Dr. Coldwell is to drink 4 liters of water with ½ teaspoon of sea salt every day – unless you suffer from any type of kidney problem. If you think that excessive amounts of salt can lead to high blood pressure, Dr. Coldwell says not to worry. He says that even though we thought high amounts of salt is bad, the truth is actually the opposite. In fact, salt is essential. Lack of salt can create problems in your blood. Dr. Coldwell says that the electrical signal transmit only if the required amount of salt is present in our body.

What kind of salt do you use?

The real problem is with the table salt we all consume. The table salt we all consume contains only a third of actual salt. It contains 1/3 of glass and 1/3 of sand. This can cause some serious problems for our bodies. The sand and the glass irritate the blood vessels and they start bleeding. Then cholesterol clogs up to protect the blood vessels. Now you will think that high cholesterol can cause high blood pressure, right? But you are wrong again. This is not true, because you can’t die from excessive cholesterol. But you can have some serious problems if you have deficiency in cholesterol. Some people have had cholesterol as high as 60 and haven’t had any illness in their life.

HDL and LDL are proteins that move cholesterol?

To be honest, I have never heard about this before. We all know that there is good and bad cholesterol, or the so called HDL and LDL cholesterol. But, Dr. Coldwell disagrees and says that it’s not cholesterol. He says that they are proteins that move cholesterol. Everything we thought we knew about this is completely wrong. But, how the doctors who say these things can be wrong too? For this we have Dr. Neal’s opinion. Dr. Gray Neal says that according to the statistics the doctors have the shortest life span – they live 56 years, they suffer from alcoholism, drug abuse, as well as has the highest rate of suicides – it is higher only with psychiatrist – and yet we go to ask them how to live longer, happier and healthier life. I believe that you should change your opinion.


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  1. Holly crap! What is this nonsense? Table salt contains 1/3 of glass and 1/3 of sand???? You do not have any idea what do you talk about.....This is straight out lie! You are testing us if we can use common sense to think for ourselves, or what?????
    Why do you think, the glass of water doesn't dissolve? Did you ever tried to add spoon of sand to your cup of water? How fast it dissolves? N E V E R !!!!Moreover-if sand or glass(which is essentially same thing) was ground into a granules similar to salt, it would be poisonous by means of cutting your guts up and you getting internal infection and bleeding!
    While I fully agree with some parts of article(about vitamin C and E) and oxygen I can attest with full confidence, that this article is intended to mislead and confuse.
    Who ever wrote this crap should go into prison! It is totally dis-respectful to the cancer victims!

    1. Thank you for standing up and talking out about cancer. People argue about traditional medicine being the only way. I understand if your love one gets cancer you want them cured. My aunt is cured of breast cancer but traditional medicine has messed up her brain and she isn't the same person anymore. The side effects are so bad from chemo and the drugs they give you afterwards.

    2. Microscopic crystals of sand and glass. Sea salts have minerals. There is nothing confusing about this. All this is researched in other countries that don't have Big Pharma pushing Drugs and funding the research. Two things that are not mentioned here are Paw Paw or Protocell which stops the ATP production of cancer cells, and Pancreatic Enzymes. To heal, one must rid themselves of the GMO's and pesticides we ingest. Add back phyto nutrients from raw veggies to rebuild our immune system and assist our pancreas with enzymes. Omega3 fatty acids from Flax seed oil, coconut oils are also helpful. Yes, our bodies can heal.

  2. This is a satire page, right? I mean, really, no one buys this horse-cr@p, do they? There's enough here to fertilize every football field in America.

  3. Sonshine....disrespect is NOT putting this out there! I am a Nurse (7 years) and work with Palliative patients who are ALL dying of cancer....THERE IS ALTERNATIVE METHODS ....I see first hand what Chemo and Radiation does to them, they suffer!! and I know first hand that alternative methods DO work! The public needs to be aware of the REAL truth!! You know Sonshine Anger is Fear, Fear is Ignorance, and Ignorance is lake of knowledge. If you are just some Jo-blow who DOES NOT work in the health field then you need to be more informed before speaking out THAT is disrespect to Cancer victims!!!!

    1. What about people like Jess Ainscough and her mother Sharyn, who eschewed conventional cancer treatments for bullshit alternative treatments like this and died, painfully, from cancer within six months of each other? Do you know what we call alternative medicine that works? Fucking Medicine. Anger is not necessarily always fear. Sometimes anger is just anger, and sometimes, it's justified. Anger is a perfectly just reaction to anyone who preys on the weak. Any person who calls themselves a doctor, and then spouts off this level of bullshit in the hopes of making money off of peoples' desperation should be de-licensed for malpractice and imprisoned for fraud.

    2. First of all, Jess Ainscough (who had a rare form of cancer) DID get conventional treatment for her cancer and was informed that she was terminal, and that was the point at which she sought out alternative treatment. And her regime worked for her for a considerable amount of time. Would you really criticize people that successfully try other methods after they go through chemotherapy and are told they are terminal? That is shockingly stupid. It reminds me of a Jehovah's Witness type blind faith in the bizarre dream that there is only one way to treat disease.
      Her mother is a different story: she probably should have gone the route of chemotherapy, surgery, etc as breast cancer is relatively treatable via that method.
      I have read the girl's entire blog and I'm sure that she extended her own life better than anyone else could have, and she deserves recognition for that. She felt horrible after her mother's death and I don't doubt that it was a precursor to her own rapid decline in health.
      I feel very badly that JA and her mother are now used as shining examples of how no alternative therapy could ever work and that the only answer is chemo/surgery/radiation. That is not even logical! How many people could I mention who died after going through chemo/radiation/surgery and then say "Hah! See? Those methods NEVER work." Yet, this is the exact same logic I see from people on both sides of the argument.
      The truth is that science is VERY far from making any definitive statements about an alternative to S/C/R, for many complex reasons, so we are left to fend for ourselves in the crusade to save our own lives should we receive a scary diagnosis.
      If anyone with a serious disease is reading this: please don't be discouraged by the naysayers: they're sheep. You CAN do more than you're being told by health care professionals. They do NOT know everything, and they can't claim to, they only know the area in which they're trained, which is medicine: useful, wonderful, but absolutely incomplete when it comes to the big picture of health.

  4. Sonshine....disrespect is NOT putting this out there! I am a Nurse (7 years) and work with Palliative patients who are ALL dying of cancer....THERE IS ALTERNATIVE METHODS ....I see first hand what Chemo and Radiation does to them, they suffer!! and I know first hand that alternative methods DO work! The public needs to be aware of the REAL truth!! You know Sonshine Anger is Fear, Fear is Ignorance, and Ignorance is lake of knowledge. If you are just some Jo-blow who DOES NOT work in the health field then you need to be more informed before speaking out THAT is disrespect to Cancer victims!!!!

    1. Truth About Cancer Treatment, being a nurse doesn't entitle you to having the correct information. It is always a bad sign when someone pulls the, "you should trust me because of my position/title/degree/etc." card. Everyone needs to back up there scientific opinion with an explanation that makes sense. I'm currently doing cancer research myself, and have taken a Biochemistry course. But that doesn't mean I'm right either unless I can back up my claims with sensible evidence. That being said, I feel this article is glaringly incorrect. A few reasons being they claim chemicals won't help with cancer, and give alternative methods. But everything in the universe is made of chemicals. Our cells are made of chemicals which make up our organs. The vitamins they explain as being essential to fight cancer is made of chemicals. Oxygen is a chemical element. We also know that cancer has been around for centuries. There is documented evidence of tumors from ancient times. They also claim that this is secret information because this Dr. Coldwell is being prevented from sharing his knowledge. Anyone familiar with the science community knows this is false. Thankfully we have the freedom of speech in the United States and in many other countries around the world. In the science community scientists freely share their findings in symposiums and through peer reviewed journal articles. Scientists can then go forward trying to reproduce the results of their findings, because above all, we value accurate and sensible information.

  5. Ahhhhh bless you all , is so sad to see what ignorance can do to people , knock your selves out and follow chemo and radiation , hopefully it won't be too late when you realised that's no were the cure is and use all this anger to find what nature has for us.
    But first stop blaming everybody out there cancer is a reaction of how you treat your body and The crap you feed it with .

    1. Hannah Stevenson, I agree with your comment. There are lots of people out there who "rejected" chemo and survived from cancer by eating fresh, whole real food. see here: but the people who don't care about what they eat will keep eating processed, junk food and even though they get chemo the cancel cells will keep growing because of the crap that they are eating. What Dr Leonard telling here might be 90% true because i saw on his website that he got 92.3% success rate on his cancer patients so I think the lesson is that you take what you believe which you think is true and keep gaining your knowledge on what you read everyday... (Not good on complaining on the other 10% that you think Dr Leonard is wrong)

  6. 4 liters of water with ½ teaspoon of sea salt every day -- you'll get kidney problems if you haven't yet, and die from water poisoning, long before you die of cancer.

    The normal blood pH is tightly regulated between 7.35 and 7.45 by a whole series of electrolytes. over 7.45 lead to alkalosis which leads to death. It is irresponsible to "treat" someone so that his/her pH is 7.5 or higher!

    Common knowledge beats the conspiracy theories! This guy is just out there trying to get rich from the desperate. Don't do anything stupid to your self! Use common sense!

    1. and so are the drug companies and hospitals and doctors want to get RICH and guess what the percentage of people getting cured from the drug companies etc is the same as 100 years ago

  7. Be open minded, follow the middle path assisted by common sense induced by knowledge and experience. Thus, the natural/alternative medicines/therapies should not be scorned at. For thousands of years in China, India, Sri Lanka and in some other parts of the world herbal/alternative therapies have been used very successfully for many ailments. Taking Pomegranate, Manioc & certain fruits have shown positive results in reducing the spreading of cancer cells and total curing. (Pls see articles on the net).
    Dr Coldwell doesn't seem to be marketing anything to make money, instead has disseminated knowledge & his experience for those who could analyse such and benefit from. He is not selling a miracle pill, but asking to consume natural fruits & veggies. Prudent for other knowledgeable scientists and doctors to further test the theory for this cancer cure.

    Chandragupta Wijayatilake

  8. Everybody believes what they believe! For me, I am grateful for my beliefs that give me hope in our God given ability to heal ourselves with what has been God given!!! While all the scientists out there have their beliefs, I "believe" they lack one in the fact that the human body is given all it needs to repair itself. But, we have a lifetime of being lied to and deceived by marketers who make us believe if you eat this or drink that or take this pill, your problems will be solved! We keep getting in deeper and deeper until we come to a place where there is no hope. It's a lot of work to unravel all we've learned and have come to know as right and maybe for some it is too late, but this I know~while medicine has it's place, I don't think it was ever meant to take the place of God! Science needs a little more God!

  9. They people what fda approved drug Gidused to create you.Let those who are suffering make their own call..till God calls ..he eve tually does..In lost 5 of my dearest ..its not an easy call...either way

  10. kindly shed some light on this. I shared this page useful for others and got this link below in response. Is this true.

  11. Sorry people but this is all bullshit. Try talking to families of people who have "tried everything" when a loved one got cancer. Even when the loved one had been living a totally healthy life. This is just quakery and bullshit.

  12. Watch the movie FOOD MATTERS!
    Basically says the same things among others!
    Chemo and radiation is a huge moneymaking machine for the big pharma!
    My friend's mom cured herself from breast cancer by going on a raw food diet, juicing. And the first thing she changed in her diet was the salt! She switched from table salt to clean NaCl.
    She lives in Hungary never heard of dr Coldwell but researched and did everything that this video or the documentary Food Matters says!
    Two women who got diagnosed the same time as her opted for chemo...
    They both died last year!
    Vitamin C in high dose kills the cancer cells without damaging the healthy ones unlike chemo!


  14. This comment has been removed by the author.

  15. Previously, it was shown that cancer cells could not survive in an environment with marijuana. And earlier I recall a "study" showing that an extreme low-carb diet would "starve" your cancer cells. None of which has been shown to have any effect.

    “cancer cells can't survive in an alkaline environment”

    LOL! “Can’t” huh?

    The simple-minded, irresponsible, and unlearned fools sure do love statements like that. So nice to learn they can’t survive. This person has just cured cancer, apparently.

    People, when will you learn? It is, clearly, a human trait to feel great enthusiasm about these types of things. It's been going on forever. I wish I had a dollar for every blog or site giving information about these wonderful solutions to quickly, efficiently, and naturally cure your cancer. Ya right. I've personally spoken with a handful of oncologists, three of whom were extremely open-minded about all natural approaches. I asked them if any of their patients had tried any of the half dozen current "natural cancer cures" which are popular. Apparently, these remedies really get around. They said they had many patients who tried them, and had lots of motivation. Obviously, my next question was always “how many of them saw any positive results”? And the answer, every time, was zero. Most, are now dead, and they died in a fairly consistent and predictable timeframe. Both the ones who did nothing, the ones who went the medical route, and the ones who used these supposedly miraculous natural methods, and then the last group, who combined traditional medical means with natural ones. No real differences between the groups, aside from slightly more longevity from those who did chemo and/or radiation.

    Don’t be comical little sheep, believing anything you are told.

    Incidentally, all of the doctors said to encourage the use of these natural methods, despite seeing no benefit whatsoever, aside from the psychological boost which some people get. And nothing helps cancer kill you faster than depression, anxiety, and grief. So in that respect, perhaps these “cures” can help a little, because you feel you are taking action. Plus, it gives you a stronger sense of hope. But they are not going to magically erase your cancer.

    I’ve known multiple women past their 80’s, who drank, smoked, and lived very unhealthy lives, who are in great shape for their age. One lady, was 92. A few men too. On the flipside, there are people in their 20’s and 30’s who have been eating nothing but the healthiest foods all their lives, who have died from cancer. Yet these imbecilic fools are going to tell us they have the magic recipe to cure or prevent cancer huh? That is equal parts sad, funny, and pathetic.

    This website is comical. And the “Doctor” in the video is a straight-up lying sociopath, I’ve known people like this guy before.

    This site is making money from every visitor who clicks. These articles are written for no reason other than attracting your attention.

    1. isn't vitamin c acidic? but doctor above says it is alkaline, how can pH level be maintained at 7.5 or above with so much vitamin c consumption


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