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Thursday, December 31, 2015


Team - 3:08 AM

Whether and how do emotions effect on chronic pain?

Dr. Susan Babel is a psychologist who specializes in depression caused by trauma, emotions does have major impact.

For “Psychology Today” Dr. Babel says – “Researches shows that chronic pain can be caused not only by physical injury but also by emotional stress. Physical pain is functioning in a way that warns the person that it still has some work to finish.

What tells us the chronic pain, what one person feels about its emotional state?

1.Head – we face ourselves daily with stress, so that makes basically number one culprit that causes headaches and migraine. If one person suffers from chronic headaches, it should set aside a little bit and take some time for itself. Not just one day but every single one. If you want to reduce the pain you better release your body from stress.

2.Neck – the pain in the neck signifies need for forgiveness. It may be another person’s forgiveness or the act of forgiving yourself. In order to successfully win over this pain, it is important to think about the things you want for yourself and the things you want from others.

3.Shoulders – pain in shoulders is a sign that one person carries heavy emotional burden. In fact they carry themselves. Try to find ways that could solve this emotional problem or share it with close friends or family.

4.Upper back – as a lack of emotional support can be manifested the pain in the upper back. The person is not feeling appreciated or respected enough or hides its feelings of love. If you are in a relationship, maybe you should discuss your feelings with your partner. If you are single then it is time to take measures to change the status.

5.Lower back – Financial concerns are the most common indicator of pain in the lower back. Focus more on the management and organization. Do not put your money on financial planner and ask for the deserved raise.

6.Elbow – pain in the hands and forearms is sign for lack of flexibility. This is usually caused by resistance of natural changes by one person. The struggle only brings problems.

7.Hands – Pain in the hands may be result as a lack of friends. You might think it difficult to try expand your circle of friends but you should do this often try for example with your colleagues. Spend more time meeting new people.

8.Hips – fear of change and the resettlement of waiting or making big decision can cause pain in the hips. Make the change you need to make and stick to the end with it.

9.Knees – pain in the knee can mean that one person has a high opinion of himself. Spend some time volunteering and put smiles on other people faces.

10.Calves – emotional stress, anxiety, tension or jealousy are common causes of pain in the calves. Maybe it is time to get rid of the things that cause your stress daily.

11.Ankles – If the person needs more pleasure in its life, sore ankles appear. This is a sign to wake up love life.

12.Feet – depression can be major culprit for the pain in the feet. Severe depression is hard to defend, but there are several things that you should hit it back. Adopt a pet perhaps or find something that will fulfill your joy and satisfaction.

Source: naturalhealthcareforyou

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