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Saturday, November 28, 2015

Six Amazing Benefits Of Skin Icing

Team - 3:06 AM

If you want to improve the look of your skin, then you should start the popular morning and evening ritual of skin icing. Many spas and skin care treatments employ the cold therapy for several years already, and for a number of reasons.

Korean women practice this skin care routine regularly. They are well-known for their detailed beauty rituals, and skin icing is one of them.

Those who practice skin icing believe that it is useful for the following:
  • For refreshing the face
  • For fighting acne and reducing blemishes
  • For fighting the formation of wrinkles
  • For improving the blood circulation, and thus giving the skin a healthier look
Go on reading and find something more about this popular morning and evening ritual and all of its benefits.

1. Skin Smoother

Skin icing is good for tightening and shrinking the enlarged skin pores. This is achieved by helping to unclog the pores that can look larger because of the debris and the excessive sebum. By practicing the icing, you will tome your face and you will make it look smoother.

2. Pore Primer

Icing is additionally good because it is a cheap skin toner. It is recommended that you do the skin icing before you apply makeup on your face. It will reduce the look of enlarged pores underneath the makeup to minimum. This will help your foundation and your skin is going to look smoother and flawless. Do the skin icing first, and then apply the primer.

3. Improves Circulation

Ice is known to improve the circulation in your skin. Under the influence of cold, the blood vessels become constricted and thus less blood goes to the surface of your skin, meaning that any swelling or inflammation is going to become reduced. The body reacts gradually to this, and it does that by sending an increased flow of warm blood to the area.

4. Relief For Puffy Eyes

As we already mentioned, icing reduces swelling, thus it is able to reduce the puffiness under your eyes.

5. Wrinkle buster

Thanks to skin icing, the wrinkles on your skin are going to be less revealed, and that is not all. This process is also going to slow down the appearance of new wrinkles.

6. Blemish Control

Thanks to icing, you can reduce the redness caused by pimples, as well as the swelling. It is also good for soothing the irritated skin.

When you use this method for blemish control, you should use ice cubes. Do this at the first signs of a pimple in order to reduce the inflammation. You can reduce both the size and the number of the blemishes on your skin. Take an ice cube ands hold it on the acne either for a few seconds or until the affected skin area starts feeling a little numb. Practice this method every other night.

Here is a simple ice facial you can do in the morning or in the evening. You can even repeat it both in the morning and the evening. This is the way:

  1. before starting the ice facial, have your face well cleansed
  2. then, take one or two ice cubes and wrap them in a soft washcloth, gauze or any other soft cloth
  3. once the ice starts melting and the cloth becomes wet, apply it to your face
  4. you should hold the cloth on various areas of your face, and remain on an area for one or two minutes approximately Use circular movements when you move the cloth with the ice cubes in it along the face, starting from the chin and the
  5. jaw line, continuing up towards the cheeks and along the forehead, then along the nose, and pay special attention to the area underneath the eyes.
  6. finish the process with a toner, a moisturizer or some acne treatment

Note About Skin Icing

Many people do the icing without using a cover for the ice. If you do not use a cover as well at least put gloves on your hands, because the ice will become too cold to hold for a long time with bare hands.

Do not worry about the effects that using ice without a cloth has on your skin. They are the same as when you apply the ice using a washcloth.

If you decide to use a bare ice cube, be careful not to use it right after you get it from the freezer. This is because extreme cold can cause breaking of the capillaries under your skin.

Also, if you already have broken capillaries, do not use the bare ice on your skin. Also, be careful not to hold the ice for too long.

If the cold starts becoming unpleasant to you, then you should stop the process. Also, do not stay on one area longer than fifteen minutes.

If you want this method to have additional benefits for your skin appearance, then you can infuse the water for the ice cubes with green tea, lemon, rosewater, chamomile tea, cucumber, or any other ingredients that is beneficial for the skin, depending on what your skin needs.

Source: healthyfoodadvice

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