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Friday, November 13, 2015



Team - 3:02 AM

Studies show that one in 20 people have problem with kidney stones, which when they pass through the urinary tract can be very painful. But thanks to this food, the problem can be solved within 10 days.

Most kidney stones can pass through the urinary tract within 48 hours without any trouble by drinking large amounts of fluids. However, in case of a larger stone or several smaller ones, can be very painfull and uncomfortable, which must go to the doctor.

But kidney stones can be solved in a natural way, and one of the most successful home remedies lies in millet, which for medical purposes is used from long time.

Millet is nutritious and healthy cereal, which can break rocks, sand and sediment in the kidneys and the bladder and clean out toxins.

  • 200 g(7 oz)of millet
  • 2 liters(67 oz) of water
  • big pot
  • jar with lid

1.At night, before bed simple rinse in warm water and leave it to stand overnight.
2.In the morning just put the water in the pot
3.Boil 2 liters(67 oz) of water and add them to the pot
4.Place lid and leave to stay for the day.

In the evening or the next morning, stir and drain liquid into jar.

Drink this beverage every day 10 to 15 days in unlimited quantities (at least one cup a day).

Extra advice:

Do not dispose of millet because it is very healthy and nutritious. Boil a cup of millet and 3 cups of water for about 15 minutes (as semolina, oats or rice) and eat for breakfast like porridge with honey and dried fruits or grated chocolate.

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