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Wednesday, November 11, 2015


Great Mix for Strong Immunity

Team - 3:04 AM

What would you say if your everyday life could preventively influence the genesis of many diseases?

This delicious and really great mix you can prepare yourself and only two ingredients – sesame and honey, and the combination of their flavor, the mixture will be efective from the first spoonful.

Phytosterols, compounds that have a chemical structure similar to cholesterol when diet contained sufficient, are believed to reduce cholesterol, improve immunity and reduce the risk of certain cancers.

Most have phytosterols in sunflower seeds (270-289mg / 100g) and pumpkin seeds (265mg / 100g), while sesame has the highest total level of phytosterols (400-413mg / 100g) of all seeds.

Healing properties of honey have been known for centuries. Its antibacterial effect is similar to penicillin and proved that bacteria can not survive in it.

The combination of these two foods extremely rich in amino acids, and it would be best to drink on an empty stomach.

This mixture improves immunity, accelerates the work of intestines and digestive tract, reduces the desire for sweets, helps in treating stomach upsets, especially recommended for people suffering from gastritis.


Mix one tablespoon of honey with teaspoon sesame. You can make larger quantities using these proportions, and then consume a teaspoon in the morning on an empty

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