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Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Effective And Free At Home: Japanese Method For Weight Loss

Team - 3:07 AM

The Japanese have a shocking variety of ways to reduce weight, which fully compete with each other at ease and efficiency.

Unfortunately, most people don’t have time for a morning run or don’t reach the will to remain faithful to a diet. The bad thing is that as we gain more weight, the more it increases our appetite.

Then we begin to look for magical slimming pills, wonderful herbal potions and all sorts of ways to get rid of the excessive weight. Or even better – if we could just lie, do nothing and still lose weight? The latter is possible, as much as you can’t believe in it. You think it’s magic? Read the following lines carefully. The Japanese Dr Fukucudzi helps people who have problems with their weight, to lose it, for more than 10 years. The procedure happens without dieting, without stenuous exercise and no money.

What do you need?

Large cloth, a healthier strap, horizontal surface and 5 minutes a day.

The method consists of the fact that within a few minutes, you need to on a towel roll.
  1. The towel you are going to roll needs to be in the following parameters – 40cm long and 7-10cm thick. Using a strap, make sure the towel will not unravel.
  2. Lie on the floor of the bed. Position your body so that the towel falls to the spine – just below the navel.
  3. Your feet should be in the width of your shoulders. The thumbs touching and the width among the both heels should be 20-25cm distance.
  4. It is shown on the images exactly how your legs and arms should be positioned.
  5. Attention! Be careful, because during the exercise the bones and joints are slightly distortered. The persistence and perseverance will ensure success with this method. The stomach is tightened and the excessive fat is burned.
If at first you find it difficult to stay in this position, gradually increase the time until you reach 5 minutes. Share this amazing Japanese technique with your friends. However, the reduction of weight could be as simple and efficient.

Source: explorehealthyfood

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