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Saturday, November 14, 2015


An Old Japanese Recipe: The Only Beauty Advice You’ll Ever Need

Team - 3:04 AM

The ancient Japanese beauty secret is rice water. It has numerous health benefits, and is mostly used for the skin and hair.

Drinking rice water solves diarrhea issues, control the blood pressure and can even help in treatment of cancer. It treats constipation and reduces body temperature as well. Rice water is especially beneficial to the skin. It can be used on any skin type, and rice powder can be used as a scrub, removing dead skin cell. It’s available in stores, but homemade rice water is easy to make and much better for use.

Preparation of rice water:

Put some rice and water in a bowl, and boil until it’s cooked. When it’s done, strain and separate the ingredients in different vessels.

How to use rice water

– It is a great skin toner and will keep your skin smooth. Soak a cotton pad in some rice water and apply it gently on your face. The skin tone will be even too.

– Ugly pores can make the skin unhealthy. Rice water can help in this condition, by reducing the pores. Soak a cotton pad in rice water, and apply it on your face.

– Acnes can be treated with rice water too. Using the same technique as mentioned before, apply rice water to the acne. The redness will disappear soon.

– This wonderful liquid also treats eczema. Regular use of rice water will treat the condition quickly.

– The skin will brighten using rice water, which is better than the beauty products full of chemicals which claim to have the same effect. Use rice water regularly to wash your face, and you will get the desired glow. Apply it to your face with a cotton pad.

– Rice water can also be used as a hair mask. Your hair will be silkier and shinier. Just pour rice water on your scalp and let it sit like that for twenty minutes. Then, wash your hair with your favorite shampoo.

Source: healthylifeland

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