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Saturday, October 17, 2015


Team - 3:05 AM

Autumn is a transitional period, when the nature is changing, time also, but also the state of our skin and hair. During the fall, our hair need more nutrients and moisture. Otherwise, the hair will start to falling.

Change your daily diet

Let your diet these days be based on unsaturated fatty acids such as olive oil, olives, sunflower seeds and pumpkin. During the day, eat fish origin and proteins, vegetables and fruits, even frozen.

Reduce the use of hair dryer

Use minimal or dry your hair only with cold air. During the autumn and winter period is generally better not to use an iron or curling iron.


Whenever you can, make sure your hair get enough moisture. For example, before washing the hair, while preparing a meal, put your favorite mask on it or oil and leave to stand for about an hour. After washing your hair, apply conditioner.

Make piling on your roots

If your hair is greasy, wash it to exfoliate, do not do that with hot water and refrain from hot baths. In opposite, the hair will sweat faster and get greased. But, try at least to rub your backhhead before washing.


Cold and strong wind damage hair, and even the head. During the fall is better to “hide” your hair in a hat.

Source: finelivingadvice

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