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Friday, October 30, 2015



Team - 3:06 AM

Due to diet we intake many harmful ingredients for which we are not even aware. The worst part is we do this on a daily basis.

These are only 6 of the many dangerous toxins we enter in the body every day:

1. Lead

This compound can even be found in water.

Harmful effects: Lead is one of the heaviest metals that are difficult to be cleaned and ejected out of the body. It can build up in the legs area and can cause problems with both motor skills and circulation. It can also cause an increase in the stress hormone cortisol.

How to protect yourself: You must not use water from the heater for drinking. Try to eat organic food and drink filtered water.

2. Phthalates

Phthalates are found in plastic bags, capsules, pills, and even in some cosmetics and gels. This compound helps bags with the elasticity, and allows cosmetics to smell nicer and have a longer shelf life.

Harmful effects: Phthalates disrupt the secretion of testosterone and hormonal balance of the body.

How to protect yourself: Avoid having cosmetics with the presence of phthalates, and products with artificial fragrances. Instead of plastic containers, place the food in glass and ceramic containers.

3. Mercury

Mercury is a byproduct of heavy industry which can be found in a number of seafood and fish.

Harmful effects: High amount of mercury in the body can disrupt the menstrual cycle and ovulation. It also damages the cells of the pancreas that regulate the level of sugar in the blood.

How to protect yourself: Chose smaller fish because the smaller the fish the reduced possibility to absorb this metal.

4. Bisphenol A

This chemical is a major component of plastic bottles, and is used for coating the interior of cans.

Harmful effects: It can cause fertility related problems and can also complicate the work of the heart. Bisphenol A acts as it was the hormone called estrogen, so it encourages prematurely entering puberty.

How to protect yourself: Avoid canned food, and if you use plastic bottles, chose the ones marked with BPA free.

5. Perchlorates

Researches have shown that milk, eggs, fruits and vegetables contain the most perchloratesin.

Harmful effects: This compound affects the operation of the thyroid gland which manages all the hormones in the body and makes difficult usage of iodine.

How to protect yourself: Enhance your menu with foods that are rich in iodine such as seafood.

6. Perfluorinated chemicals

These chemicals are used in the production of containers with non-stick bottom. For example, you can find them in pizza cartons or microwave popcorn packages.

Harmful effects: They affect the operation of thyroid gland and thus affect all hormones in the body. Several studies found that these chemicals may negatively affect fertility in both sexes.

How to protect yourself: Avoid containers with non-stick bottom, always chose pottery.

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