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Wednesday, October 28, 2015


How To Prevent Leg Cramps, And How To Never Get Cramps Again!

Joy Sandra - 3:30 AM

Leg cramp pain is one of the worst things to experience. It slows us down and hurts like hell. The cramps often come out of nowhere, and people who work out know just how often they can show up.

Read this article on preventing leg cramps.

What causes leg cramps?

Leg cramps are not caused by an outside force – they can be caused by internal ones. In some cases, not getting well hydrated is the issue, but they can also be a sign of more serious issues like kidney infection.

Easy fix

If you’re not hydrated well and get cramps, simply drinking more water can help. Warm water is recommended, because it’s closer to the temperature of the blood.

People who get leg cramps often should increase the amount of electrolytes they’re consuming. The electrolytes work along the warm water to relax muscles and stop the cramping. They can easily be found in pharmacies.

How to prevent leg cramps?

Besides hydration, the body need specific nutrients and minerals which cannot be provided just by water. One of them is magnesium.

The body uses magnesium quickly, so the recommended dose is 250-300 mg daily. Foods high in magnesium are nuts, lentils, pumpkin seeds, quinoa, dark chocolate, spinach, molasses, potatoes and fish.

Another mineral that prevents cramps is potassium. It interacts with the sodium in the body to control and direct liquids. The leg cramps caused by dehydration are often a result of low potassium or high sodium. Potassium is also a cramp reliever. What it does is guiding fluids to the affected spots. If you eat food high in potassium while you have leg cramps, you’ll quickly feel relief.

Cramps are something that can happen to anyone. If you get leg cramps often and cannot relieve them, speak to a doctor.

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