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Friday, October 23, 2015


He Slept With Red Onion Around This Neck And A Miracle Happened When He Woke Up

Team - 4:57 AM

Many people are facing different types of problems with thyroid gland. In this post we will present to you a recipe that was recommended from a doctor from Saint Petersburg, Igor Knazkin that according to him has miraculous effect.

He said that what you should do is cut half red onion in the evening before going to bad and make circular movements with it on your neck in the area of the thyroid gland. Then you should sleep without washing it and in that way leave the juice to act. During the night the onion will naturally stimulate the function of the thyroid.

There is also one extra tip with onion that is not related to the thyroid gland. You can put onion every evening in your socks and sleep like that because it has many positive effects over your health.

The following are the benefits for which onion is generally known in the folk medicine:
  • Kills bacteria and pathogenic organism
  • Cleans the blood
  • Boosts immunity

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