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Friday, June 26, 2015

Your BBQ Meat Could Be Contaminated – Here Is What You Must Know!

Team - 7:52 AM

The practices of the meat industry have always been a little bit questionable, starting with Upton Sinclair’s expose The Jungle. Random fillers to bring a meat up to a certain weight, rotten meat mixed in with fresh to mask the smell, and completely mislabeled meats have all been uncovered.

Perhaps the worst current problem in the meat industry though, is “meat glue.” If you’ve ever eaten steak or enjoyed a nice roast, you’ll definitely want to find out more about meat glue.


Meat glue is the common name used for transglutamine. Transglutamine is an enzyme that used to come from animal blood. Now, however, manufacturers can create transglutamine through the fermentation of bacteria.

When transglutamine is added to meat, it sticks random bits of meat together, making it look like one cohesive piece of meat. After meat sits for 24 hours, it sets and it looks like any roast or steak that’s been cut right out of a cow.


If you think manufacturers use meat glue to create a more attractive product for customers, think again. Like most decisions that come out of big business, the use of transglutamine comes from a need for more money.

A big piece of filet mignon can sell for $20 or more per pound. Add transglutamine to cheap meat scraps or stew meat, and suddenly it looks the exact same as that filet mignon. Manufacturers can easily use transglutamine to disguise cheap cuts as more expensive cuts, taking more money out of your pocket.

Though it’s technically illegal to mislabel cuts of meat and overcharge for them accordingly, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen. It’s difficult for the FDA to oversee this industry due to its size, so quite a bit slips through the cracks.


You may think that meat glue doesn’t really affect you, as long as your meat still tastes good. However, meat glue can have many serious side effects.

Before transglutamine comes into contact with your meat, it can be exposed to any number of contaminants, additives, or bacteria. If you like your meat medium-rare or rare, this could allow the bacteria to flourish and grow even after cooking. As a result, you could become seriously ill after eating meat treated with meat glue.


The best way to avoid buying meat with transglutamine is to find a supplier who you trust. A local farm or butcher can provide you with the peace of mind you need while buying meat. Many farms sell quarter or half cows, permitting you to have the meat butchered to your specifications.

With all of the health risks affecting the food industry nowadays, it’s incredibly important to be an informed consumer and protect your family. By staying up-to-date with the issues affecting the world of food production, you can keep your family stay safe and know everything that you’re feeding them.



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