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Sunday, February 15, 2015

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This Golden Honey Mixture Is the Strongest Known Antibiotic

Team - 5:05 AM

by Healthy Holistic Living

You might not know it, but antibiotics are not the cure-all solution to diseases and infections.

You also might be asking yourself how something so good at getting rid of infections could possibly be bad for you.

Your temptation to use them frequently can be extremely strong. I understand. Some of us might’ve actually grown up in home where antibiotics were brought in at the first sign of a tiny infection.

You’d only suffer some mild indigestion (depending on the strength of the antibiotic) and after couple of days you’d be perfectly functional and happy.

No Harm Done, Right?

If antibiotics were only used when traditional medicine has exhausted all natural alternatives, there would be no harm done both to humanity’s overall collective health and ourselves.

Unfortunately, this wise use of antibiotic is not the norm. We’re actually doing the complete opposite. How many times have you been prescribed antibiotics to treat minor infections?

Can you count the answer with your hands?

If not, you might be over-relying on antibiotics consistently. This might also be causing damage to your overall health and even possibly helping out the very bacteria you sought to get rid of.


Well let’s begin with what happens in your body. Did you know you actually have “good” bacteria, located mostly in your gut, that actively help out both your immune and digestive system?

Antibiotics are completely indiscriminate and will destroy both good and bad bacteria in your body. This is particularly dangerous for children because “good” bacteria is absolutely vital for their developing immune system.

And This Is Not Even the Scary Part.

As antibiotic use becomes more and more rampant among us, we’re gradually seeing the rise of super bacteria capable of resisting basic antibiotics and requiring stronger antibiotics.

The problem doesn’t end there because the situation will continually escalate until we’ll run out of solutions to deal with infections. Treatment will be too costly and dangerous.

This will basically bring us back to pre industrial condition were simple untreated infections could kill anyone.

So, instead of running to get a prescription at the onset of a minor infection I recommend amazingly simple and natural antibiotic compound:

Honey Turmeric Antibiotic Compound:

Here’s what you’ll need:

– One tablespoon of turmeric.

– One hundred grams of raw organic honey.

Here’s what you’ll need to do:

Simply place both ingredients in a jar, mix thoroughly until you’re sure the turmeric is equally distributed in the raw organic honey. Then simply close the jar.

And that’s it! It’s much more easier that going through the process of getting an antibiotic prescription.

As for using it:

I’d recommend, at the first signs of the infection, to take half a teaspoon every hour on the first day. On the second day, take a teaspoon every two hours. Finish the treatment on the third day by only taking it three times a day.

Both raw organic honey and turmeric are amazing anti-inflammatory agents and will help your body fight harmful bacteria without the horrifying effects of standard antibiotics.

Best of all, they don’t wreak havoc on your digestive system and keep your “good” bacteria alive.

If honey is not your thing there’s also this pepper based antibiotic recipe and 5 natural powerful antibiotics that are safe enough to not require a prescription.

As always, if you feel things are not getting better, contact your family doctor immediately.

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